Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oct 13, 2014

Elder oaks came to our Ward and it may have been the only Ward he visited. but it was an experience i will never forget. i really could feel the spiritual presence that he brough to the Ward, The day went like this. we showed up to the sacrament meeting with our investigator Guadalupe!!!!! and it was a fast sunday. the first counselor got up and he gave his testimony. then the bishop got up and said he had some anouncements  first he said that we needed to follow some rules of the church such as not ask apostles to sign scriptures, himnarios, and other things. then he said that Elder Dallin H. Oak  would be going through clases today with the área president Elder de Hoyas. how cool is that. so they walked through classes and while i was giving the principios class with Elder Ferrin our comps came in after a trip to the bathroom and said they had shaken hands with an apostle. so then priesthood started and he was in the room but left with the Young men. so in elders quórum he came into our class the last fifteen minutes to planchar con amor.please translate dad... but he gave a great message through a translator about how the melquesidek priesthood should be working with the Young men in the home teachers programs. it was pretty cool. then at the end he was leaving and Elder Gomez went up to him and said that he wanted a picture to send to his mom who wasnt a member. Elder Oaks agreed but under the condition that he could take pictures with all of the elders. i was giddy like a Little kid.

So this week was interesting and mom dont worry and dont feel bad i know you did what you needed to and Heavenly Father had your back i was perfectly back to normal by thursday. or friday and i dont even need medicine any more it was pretty cool and the only side affect was that i was super tired all week but we worked hard! and we have a new family that could be progressing. so im pretty happy about how that went.

what else cool oh yeah this week Guadalupe is progressing greatly and accepted to live the Word of wisdom. I really am loving to see the small change taking place in her. and she went to church while an apostle was there and enjoyed it! whoooo whoooo!!!! other than that i felt pretty alright about this week we worked hard i dont remember much right now the Elder oaks thing was a really big deal and a great experience! oh and Judd Thompson wrote me back. so everything is good right now!

with love Elder jenson

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