Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dec 29, 2014

well hey there fam... first off can i say how great it was to talk to you all in christmas. its good to "see" not just "feel" the love from home. so just so all are aware about 5 months ago i woulda worked you all in chess yes derek you too. jaja ok maybe. one of my comps was teaching me and he took like 2nd in a natinal touney. i beat him twice and we wont even ask what the official count between us was... so dad i know how you feel dont worry.  

secondly this week was a really happy week we had two baptisms. and a great service. wee filled the room with people i think we had 40 or 50 people there. it was one of those baptisms i really felt like we planned well. and all in all i felt good about it. You are one hundred percent right about what you said dad the mission is a lot more fun when youre getting wet. but we also dont do the service for the stars;) i think that has been something important to learn in the mission. the balance between matthew saying " go forth and baptize until the end" and pablo saying " i have come not to baptize but, preach the gospel. but it feels good to be a part of conversions.

if i were you dad this is after being out here for a tid bit i would show savy the verses in james chapter 2 where it talks about faith without works being dead... i have reflected on that a little out here. how much different would my sports career have been if i would have just had one focus im not saying i wouldnt have done about the same thing if i could do it again. but i do believe taht there is a lesson to be learned when you grind out a little hard work in the gym and savy if your going to beat me when i get home youre going to have to hit the gym and get shooting more;)

well this last week was really a good one for me. it seemed like a little bit of a break because no one was home and i have the sad feeling that he same could happen this week for new years. but we will keep working and hopefully start finding a little more this week! be safe and have a happy new year i love you lots you guys are the best!

oh and derek i memorized section 4 this week. i think it would be good if you learned the 10 attributes that a missionary needs they will help you alot if you can learn how the saviour and other prophets applied them in their lives. 


elder jenson

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dec 15, 2014

well thanks for the update its always great to see how the family is doing. this week went really well. we had an investigator get baptized in another mission it was cool other than we couldnt go to the baptism. he was a great guy and  had a ton of progress. We will talk to him this wednesday. and he should let us know how his baptism went. what else can i tell  i went in divisions this week and had a ball with elder porter. he is my district leader. he´s a good elder. and we had a good time in his area. we also have a new investigator and she is awesome. we found her last week adn she has gone to church 2 times already. so right now we are looking at her as a really good prospect. we're hoping for three this week but we will see how it goes i will let you all know.

we also had a a stake fireside i guess you could call it. but it was great we got to listen to himnos and some recent converts told stories of Christ, it was really a great meeting, and this week we have the ward party.

glad to hear that you guys got a good new stake presidency. So hows your calling coming along.

right now things are going great im having a great time down here and cant wait to call in just  10 days. i was thinking in the afternoon at like 2 or 3 my time. but you guys willl have to let me know when you think would be a good time to for your schedule, and do you think cristian will be home for christmas? its going to be so great to talk to you all next week.!!!

This week we have been sharing messages about christ. one called el es la dadiva. you should look it up on youtube. it is such a great message  i really hope you can share it with someone .

hope you have a great week love you all tons and take care!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec. 8, 2014

well this was a really rewarding week . to answer you question i was able to go to the baptism in my old area i will send some pics. it was really great. you know i think that one of the wierdest things i have realized about my mission is that i can get to any part in about an hour. but at the same time its nice. i get to visit old areas in abundance. right now im just happy where im at. im compañero mayor right now, but it has been great my new comp loves to work, and it really makes it easier to be a missionary when your companion is happy to be there. right. not counting the baptism my favorite lesson would have to be when i tought the ten commandments to an investigator that will be baptized this week, and he accepted to fast with us to overcome temptations, or when i was knocking doors and someone let me in and we taught them the whole first lesson. i love explaining about the way the church works, and priesthood, and of course the first vision is always the highlight. but thats not why it was so great to teach, the beloved people i have come to know in mexico are such a happy friendly people but when it comes to compromises they just arent that faithful in following through, especially when it comes to going to church , so we invited her  to come to church and said we would pass by at 7 45 she said it sounded great. i knocked her door at 7 50 and she said well we better get going or we will be late. great moment for me it makes me so happy when people do what they say they will do.

It makes me sad to hear about john allen i took him the sacrament for like two years every other week. he was a great guy but it was probably his time to go so i gues thats ok. how was the christmas devotional? i missed it but i will see if i can find it during comp study one dayt this week.

you guys are the best and i love you all so much. as the new year aproaches remebmer the story of lot. it has been a great teaching method for us with our less actives. and the best aplication i have found is that once we change or are baptized we shouldnt look back on our old lives because all it does is cause us problems.

have a great week!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dec 1, 2014

ok well life is going great in the airport Ward, right now things are going great my comp is a stud and we had the best week of my misión, we contacted a  ton this week and found some very interesting investigators. My goal was to try and focus more on the spirit and let it guide me to people. and what do you know? it did.

It was kinda funny this last week when i got here and  my companion told me that contacting in my area was really lame, he said that they averaged like 15 contacts a week or more sometimes and that they got alreadador of 4 new investigators. so we put it to the test and found a ton of news this week it was funny when the first door we knocked a young man answered and smiled when he opened the door and saw us.   we asked if he would like to hear more and he said i would love to i talked with the missionaries like three years ago and then moved out of town for  like a year, and when i got back i never heard from the missionaries again until now when you guys knocked my door. after that first contact it was all up hill. we found many other people that said the exact same thing, oh my parents are members of your church almost all of them gave us citas for this week so we are really excited to find out wich ones will progress.

I feel like this would be a great area to finish my mission but the way our president works he changes us about every 3 or 4 changes, and for some reason or other he loves changing elders from their area one or two changes before they head home. and its fine because all of the areas are super small by the end of your mission you can get your way around the whole mission pretty well. I think im going to miss the city a ton when i go home im starting to get the hang of buying groceries from the little stores in street corners. and taking public transportation is just so normal now.

Ok more info about my companion he is from neiva, colombia he said its like five hours from the capital. he is twenty one and has been in the mission almost a year, and he playes soccer pretty well, but yeah we are getting along pretty well,

I heard that our investigator from my last area is getting baptized on saturday and she asked if i could come, so i will see if president gives me permision the only down side is its on the other side of my mission so i doubt i will get permission, but right now we have some baptisms planed for the next few weeks and we put some dates last week so we´ll see how it goes.

glad to hear that you had such a good time playing ball, hows the cold weather treating you, mornings are starting to get cold wich is super lame, its like 40 or 50 degrees, but i cant complain its like 70 during the day.

hope you have a great week you guys are the best love you lots, and found a great scripture this week DYC 136:27-29!

love elder jenson.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Nov 24, 2014

 this week was actually filled with some pretty good sleep and some great sadness. depression hit me two nights ago when the zone leaders called me and told me i didnt have changes. i was ecstatic. my comp and i were jumping up and down and we celebrated with the sister that lives in my house. then half an hour later president called me and told me that i would have changes and that i needed to pack up my stuff and head out the next day. i was so sad. until the next morning of course because then i just was ready for the chance i would have in the next area. so i got changed with an elder that is from colombia, whooo His name is Elder Henao

and he is a stud. he is about to hit a year in the mish. so if you had to pick an area to send elder jenson where would you send him.... based on my mission to another hill, but no even better i got sent to the airport area. i try not to get distracted to much by the low flying planes that pass by every five minutes. and it is a pretty sweet area, definitely better than my last few areas and its in the districto federal, so thats nice. im going to miss my hill so bad...

So p-day wednesday, and what do i do? well go to the zoo of course and it was a ball, i forgot my camara in the house when i came to write so you will have to forgive me, next week i will send about 20 pics and 4 or 5 videos. dont have wifi inthe house any more so i have to wait until monday. just kidding i found it. this email will be short cause im going to send pics. but im really happy hear. and super excited to work with my new comp. ok i lied again sorry the pics wouldnt upload... so lame next week promise lots if internet is fast.

love you all so much and i hope thhat you have a great week!

Nov 17, 2014

and btw i will write next wednesday we will ahve p'day after changes.

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glad to hear that things are going alright over there, sounds like i might have to take savy for some ice cream when i get home. although i wouldnt be to concerned just tell her if she wants to live long and happy she has to listen to you guys its a commandment.jaja love you savy be happy all the time. im a little scared to come back home now that some of the children of my parents can use a gun....

Well this week went alright. first i had divisions with the zone leaders and it went really well ha i contacted one guy that had lived in the united states for 15 years. he was part of a gang in los angeles and spoke really good english. so hopefully he can keep listening to the missionaries. seemed more interested in speaking english than anything, but im sure he would be a good investigator. in my area everything has been pretty chill we have some investigators with fechas for 2 3 and 4 weeks from now stoked for that if i dont have changes this  next week. and my district is working great.

I also had the opportunity to interview an amazing girl whose parents arent members, she goes to my church so i have been able to know her story a l ittle. her parents are really against her being baptized and it actually caused her fecha to fall through, but she should be baptized this week, back to the point, she has had to make some really dificult decisions, all of her family drinks and goes to parties and she is with them and when they offer her drinks she says no i dont do that any more, not many twenty year old girls that are that dedicated, then she goes to church by her self quite often, and somtimes brings her sisters to the sacrament meetings. last saturday her dad wouldnt let her but she is pretty determined to get baptized in the next two weeks.

also stake confrence was this week and elder anderson spoke to us via satalite, it wasnt as cool as when he came but it was still a great message, and they talked to us about the importance of tithing temples and service, all the sacrifices that we have to make as members of the church which are really just letting god bless us.

mom and Dad hope you have a good week i love you tons. y a los demas de los hijos de mis padres, pórtense bien y espero que sepan que los quiero mucho!

con mucho amor elder Jenson ( cuando me preguntan como me llamo yo les digo elder Handsome. es muy chistoso cuando entienden un poco de ingles. bueno les quiero a la luna y de regreso.