Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

This week was great for me down in mexico, and by great i mean that i had some great studies because my comp was sick all week so i was at home other than when i did divisiones thurday. they went great and i cleaned out a nasty fridge, it hadnt been cleaned in like 8 months but we got it taken care of. i cant say much about the week other than the book of mormon is awesome. i started nefi again this week and i love when nephi breaks the cords after praying for strength. that story is one that i feel everyone can use. in a talk by elder bednar he talks about the enabling power of christ, and he uses the story of nefi to explain that sometimes we need to pray not that our problem is changed but that we are changed to handle our problem, i also liked that after he broke free he didnt freak out and beat up his brothers, he was humble and in spanish it says that Nefi perdonó a sus hermanos sinceramente, in english its frankly i do believe. my translation was that he really let go their tresspasses and invited them to correct it with god too, it was a great,  it was great to see his example i dont know why i loved taht story but i really did.

hmm other than that sunday was good until my comp had to go home early because he wasnt feeling well, it was a week to learn patience me hizo falta, then today we played soccer and a little basketball i could still dunk! and we ate little caesers it was sooooooo goood!!!!! made me a little nostalgic but thats fine. valió la pena.

well thats all from me folks i hope you have a great week savy smile for me! and the rest of yo keep being great! love you all!"

November 3, 2014

hahaha we are quite the pair today we played basket ball! it was so much fun elder ferrin is a decent player and i couldnt shoot after shoulder press and curls in the morning.... so it was really close but i pulled out a win! also i could dunk it still on cement on a ten foot hoop hills are definately my friend. i bought a jump rope also so hopin that i can get legs back a little.

this week was really wierd because a few setbacks passed but i am still ok im happy better said. we had an investigator that had a baptism date in two weeks and she moved out of our area... total bummer. but we have  another investigator that is awesome and is asking if my companion and i can both baptize her... she is so fun but we are trying to get her to like the idea of her dad or a ward member baptizing her! i feel as though the mission gives me attributes of bipolarity because i get really sad when people dont commit or dont follow through, but when someone does one good thing it makes me sooooooo happy!

Yesterday we had an interesting moment with a young man that wasnt of our faith he was a friend of the members we live with and he just lost his grandma. he was having a hard time coping with it and so we gave him a blessing and the sister gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet. it was really cool.

dad im not sure about the whole running thing. bridgette told me that she thought i could run a marathon and i said ya know you could be right other than i believe running is a punishment so why would i punish myself...jajajaja made me laugh that you used almost the same wording. but keep up with your exercise you gotta stay around for a while so that when i bring my kids to the gym and we get heated about how to shoot you can come in and teach them with a good form shot with some legs!  love you so much and hope you have a great week

also i will try and send you the video of my dunk. i was happy i could still get it down.

Elder Guapo( Jenson)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Oct 27, 2014

Well this week went pretty well we had some good experiences with our two progressing investigators. first off guadalupe is doing awesome she keeps on progressing and we are hoping that she gets baptized next month. also melania is doing really well this week we have talked about some great topics with her and we even had the opportunity to talk about the problems of worshiping idols ( or saints and virgins) which is a really touchy subject. but this week was great as far as good investigators go.

ha ha well last week i worked super hard with elder guachalla and we contacted a bunch, the problem is  that when we went to the next appointment no one was home... its sad because they always seem really interested but then they just arent . Well like they say the gospel will be preached to every kindred and tounge and all i can do is hope they accept. but dont worry the animo is still high and we are working hard down here!

Other great news the other elders baptized this week it was so awesome! they baptized a young man named danniel who was super prepared to be baptized! after a great service we were able to talk to melania and she asked if both of us could baptize here she is awesome!

fun stuff this week: first off this week is daylight savings time. so get to wake up later and im loving it.  today played soccer and the gringo

Not entirely sure that Habaneros will be the post mission food of choice
s won! then a family invited us to go eat tacos at their house, Elder gomez from the dominican republic and I ate Habaneros and cried dont worry i have a video and pics but i dont know if they will get there because the video was like five minutes long. we got a good laugh out of it but golly gee it was sooo hot! i was ready to just die because i chewed it up real good.

well short letter. not much to tell from this week it was just good and fast! hope you all have a  wonderful week love you all so much!

Oct 20, 2014

They say that lightning striking twice in the same place is very unlikely right... well this week Elder Anderson came and spoke to my stake!!! talk about suerte. our mission president called my district the apostle magnet because we heard from two apostles and have an ex-setenta in our ward. it has been so great to hear from apostles and their messages have been spot on for what our investigators needed! like you said dad the experience of hearing from an apostle can really inspire you yesterday we had a really nice day. frist we heard from the apostle and he told us about faith it was great. then i ate at our ex-setenta´s house, and we talked for about an hour and a half about deeper doctrine in the plan of salvation. it was a really interesting conversation. and then it rained on us all day but since we just heard an apostle and talked with our ward mission leader we got our fannies in action and started to work in the hills. we met one lady who was searching for christ now that her kids were getting to an age where they would start making there own decisiones and so we talked to her about the plan of salvation especially agency and the atonement. she was really excited and we get to talk to her this week!

other great news. We have another progressing investigator! now we have two with baptism dates! i have to say it has been a huge blessing to have members working with the two really good investigators that we have. and right now we are trying to get on track to have baptisms until christmas! wont be easy but i think we can do it!

 also fun service of the week we cut grass!!!! with a machete! I have never felt so legit while cutting grass. the only down side is that my comp almost let it slip and almost cut of my arm... but hey almost only counts in horseshoes and handgranades. it was a good service though the grass had been 4 or 5 months with out being cut , so we were dead tired after cutting for two hours.

Today i got the chance to go and visit san juanico. it was so great. i got to see some of the people that we helped come back to the church and they are all active and have callings! it made me so happy to see how much happiness they had to tell me that they were going to church and working hard in their callings. i know that God uses us a tools when we work and it feels good to see the fruits of our labors. but the real hope is that they get to the temple so we shall see!!!

i love you all so much and i hope that you ahve a great week be safe!

elder jenson