Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014 Hard week, but necessary

well Its so great to hear about all the good that is going on down there. you guys are such a good family  and are doing wonderful things!  derek keep up the great work with piano you my friend are amazing!

This week was just one of those weeks. I had divisions tuesday and wednesday and it was ok but i found out that my district had some dificulties. and also elder easter got a stomache infection and i was his compainon for the last 4 days and will finish with him tomorrow when he gets his new companion in the changes meeting.

this week was one of the weeks i think i have learned the most to help my mission. i had some really hard things happen and had to work through a little bit of stress. we had some elders that were being disobedient and i wasnt sure how to handle it. so i called him(mission president) to help me out with the situation that we had, and he handled the situation the best way i could think of. he is an awesome president! i feel alot more confident that he will help me with my problems and that when i have them i need to bring them to him. i feel like all of my burden was lifted yesterday as he gave me advice to help me with my district.

I had some pretty good experiences also this week dont even worry. my companion elder gomez is a great companion and is starting to understand how to work as a missionary. finding people to teach and talking to everyone.. last saturday we had a lesson with a lady that we found contacting in the rain the week before. we showed up and her son and her husband tried to run us off. the husband came out right after the opening prayer and started in on how God doesnt reveal things to man. that we were to insignificant to receive revelation in these times. well it started a little rough but the words came and we were able to explain that jesus was sent here to be a prophet and to save us all and if god love us that much and we really were his children he would give us a guide in all times to help us return to him. in the end he gave us free water from his shop and told us to come back the next week. i think he liked the talk we gave him.

then we had a lesson  planned with a less active family they werent home. so started to leave, and we just said hi to everyone i made the mistake of saying hi to two 17 year old girls and got cat calls all the way down the street and as i turnded to my companion to tell him we should go talk to them and give them a book he got this wicked smile in his face and gave me a head nod so we ran back up and i said well you wanted to talk to us. would you like to know what we talk about? i explained a little about the book of mormon. they accepted to listen to us and we put an appointment with their family for tomorrow. haha

other than that this week was pretty normal i got stuck in the house with elder Easter for 4 days so it was hard to get alot of work in. but he has had a great attitude through everything. and he will be a great missionary.

well thats all this week. tomorrow is changes i will stay here and elder Ioane and Elder preciado will leave my district. its been such a long time together with them that they feel like brothers. but its time we get a little division in our district. thanks for all the encouragement and love from home so lucky to have such a great family. love and lots of it from the mexican missionary elder jenson!
really though im darker than my companion!;)
jacob 6:12 best parenting scripture ever!

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014 The 2nd Coming?

Well when i finish with this letter i think you will all understand a little better my choice of title this week. i guess it all started monday night. It turns out there was a lunar eclipse and everone was freaking out about how it was blood red. so just so you know thats how i started the week. monday was also a wonderful day for us in my area. we had a lesson with a new family of investigators. (derek would love the house it has a ton of cool art on the walls.) the mom wants to be baptized and the rest of the family accepted to hear our message. it was such a blessing after the last few weeks of little success.

Tuesday. well lets see we had district class and it was alright. i still need some work on teaching classes in spanish. but after we that we went to work and got rained on hard. it has reained like crazy here for the last week and there has been a ton of lightning and thunder reason number 2 for the title.

wednesday we had interchanges i was with elder preciado in san juanico and it went alright. i hope to vistit a few families but we didnt have time. oh well. asi es la vida.

thursday. well today was a decent day we have to teach a couple young girls in san juanico and so we were over there for the afternoon we also went to visit evelyn and ended up teaching a lesson to just about everyone in her estetica(dad translate porfa) it was pretty cool!

friday was the day of the earthquake. it all started in the morning.... my companion is in his training and part of the training i that we have to watch the PMG videos. so for companionship study we went to our beds and turned on the movies. about 30 minutes into the movies i felt my bed moving and i turned to my companion and asked if we were having an earthquake. but i wasnt saying the word right. in spanish sismo is the word for earthquake and i was saying seismo so for total the duration of the earthquake he was trying to figure out what i was saying. and when he realized what i was saying he said "no" and went back to watching the movies. then we heard all of the reports throughout the day and i just said told ya so;) but really it wasnt very big in my area. i think the most that happened was someone had a picture fall down. it was a cool experience though. then it started raining in the afternoon and my lessons fell through so we went tracting in the rain it was great we met one woman who seemed pretty interested and we taught her a lesson we will visit her this saturday.!

saturday. well we had an activity with the primary and they asked if we could come and help them. mistake number one... then we got a messaje from the primary president that asked if we would please bring normal clothes so the little kids could squirt us with there squirt guns. we said yes... mistake number 2,,, then we got there and saw they were filling a swiming pool for the little kids. we didnt think much of it and stayed. and last of all after we finished with the activity we stayed waiting for the food they told us they would give us and the water fight began... it was a world war three of water and once two of the missionaries got wet all of them did. it was a bad deal i got soaked by little kids missionaries and adults a like. but it was pretty funny and it turned out to be a great activity.

sunday. it was a decent day other than i was sick. i feel like kolie pokie lately. we got to teach the members about pmg and it was an awesome class. then i had a few lessons ;) but i was dying. ha ha and we ran out of toilet paper in the morning.... it was a tragedy......

well that was my week. i loved every second of this week other than sunday at 4 in the morning it was a rough time... haha ... but i hope you guys will keep having a great time cant wait to talk to you in a few weeks.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 14, 2014

well i really hope that you guys will have  a better week and im the only one who is allowed to get sick...but this just was one of those weeks. i know there is definitely an up and a down side to opening an area. this week has i didnt sleep well all week.. partly because i did divisions with my zone leaders and an elder in my district and they had a lot to say. so we talked alot and everything was pretty well. right now life is pretty hectic as a missionary but let me give you the down low.

tuesday i had district class and it was great we all had a good day and i finally got to work in my area. it was alright i found one person to teach.

wednesday. it was just one of those days where nothing good happened. our zone leaders called us and asked if i could go stay with one of them that was sick and my companion went to the visitors center with the other zl. it was alright other than we couldnt work in our area because we didnt have any fixed appointments. so they just worked over there. i hung out in the house and we talked for a good while. and in the end stayed the night.

thursday. i got to go back with my companion we changed right before the food.  after food we went to go and try and work a little in my area and once again one lesson. its been a struggle to teach people. we find people fine and we put appointments and then they just arent home or they are and wont open the door. oh what a life. ;)

friday i went in divisions with an elder from argentina he is a great little guy he is the oldest missionary in the mission right now and he is great we had a good time talking about his home how things are going with his companion and all that good stuff. and in the night i made some bomb hamburgers if i do say so myself. we also played chess and connect four and lets just say my connect four skills are still there you better practice dad...

satuday i changed back to my great companion and everything was pretty great i guess i mean we ate tacos that were super  good for lunch and i didnt get sick. which was great. then i went back to looking for houses of less actives and the streets are numbered terribly here. its almost impossible to find the right house.

sunday i had everything fall through yesterday. it was just frustrating to have lessons planned with investigators that we found in the streets and all of them fell though in the night we went to one family's house and they cooked a small dinner for us so i guess that was one little blessing. i have a great companion right now and now i dont teach its kinda frustrating. i just hope we can get people in their houses in this week and find some new people to teach that would be great!
elder jimenez and me after soccer today! with a trophy

monday well today i had a interzone activity and it was great we played soccer for three hours. i didnt play great but we had fun and then my district and i ordered pizza. i am having a great time right now in my mission and its been a little rough the past few weeks in my area but it will be alright i know that everything will work out how it should if i just get out there and work.

i love you all so much and hope that you all know that! keep being awesome and having great attitudes about all this crazy stuff that is happening at home you guys are great!

Y papa ha sido un poco dificil en estas ultimas semanas. mi distrito no quiere ser muy obediente a todas las reglas. tiene ideas que tal vez podrian ayudarme a invitarles a ser obediente.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 7, 2014

wow you guys sound like life is going great... im sorry to hear about all that lame stuff. but you know how satan works he doesnt want us to be happy and wants us to feel bad about all the hard things that have happened to us. the talk yesterday about gratitude was a very inspiring talk to me. i loved how once again we were reminded that when we have problems or things get hard, it is the best time to give thanks. hard times seemed to be the theme of this week ha ha but thats how life rolls some times. ;) 

this week i hardly taught because i was in charge of taking care of Elder Easter. he got his apendix out the last week and then i took care of him this week. we had a great time together and i learned a lot from this week. so to start of we had a schedule of medicine that elder easter had to take. it was every three hours of the day and thats fine and all but at 12 3 and 6 in the morning it wasnt the best.  i was drained all week. then the other problem was that my house didnt have water from monday night until yesterday. that was great. so my house was a disaster and i had to go to another elders house to shower every day. so i got literally nothing done in the mornings studies were in the afternoon when we didnt have to run to walmart and buy some more drugs for elder easter. 

but on the bright side of things. i am super excited for this week. im ready to open my area right and get some people going. this last week had some of the most dificult times in my mission. but i feel like i could be a nurse after taking care of elder easter all week. haha i might have to change my last name to Focker.... ;) 

Confrence was amazing. i felt like i heard everything i needed to hear personally in this confrence. and it felt like every session just flew by. i was especially impressed with the talk by elder perry. becuase it is something i needed for my mission i need to keep getting better at my follow up and persistancy and who knows maybe someday i will get married. Also i dont know if you listened to m. Russel Ballard. becuase he gave an invitation to all of the members of the church to read predicad mi evangelio. ok. dad you can read predicad mi evangelio the rest of you read preach my gospel.;) especially you derek not getting caught up with unimportant things. will help you be an amazing missionary. and if you can know what is going on before your mission you will be the best missionary. it took me about 4 months in the field to feel comfortable teaching lessons and i feel like you could be ready faster if you read pmg. 

well im loving my mission love you guys too but i dont think i wanna come home for a while ;) you guys keep moving forward and have a good week i love you all more than you could ever know!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April 1, 2014 Curse of the Killer Tacos (and that's no April fool's joke)

Well as you can probably tell from the title this week is going to have a good story... let me take you back to a date.. a week ago exactly...(fade into the imagination)

It all started last tuesday i had my first district class with my new district and it went pretty well. After the class we went in splits i went with the new elder elder Easter ironic for the time of year. and he came to my area. we looked for people to teach all day and after finding a new investigator that lives in a ridiculously cool house with lots of cool art inside. we couldnt find anyone to teach. it was really lame so i asked him if he wanted to go grab a bite to eat. he replied well yes of course but only if we can go get tacos. this was probably one of the best responses i have heard and so we journeyed off in search of tacos. there arent any in my new area so we went to get some in san juanico my old area and right across the street from the rio de los remedios we found those delectable delicious tacos. 1 for 5 pesos. so we started things off with 3 tacos al pastor. they were unreal. and in the end i ate 10 and he ate 7 it was a decent effort and we were content with our food. and after that we journeyed home and had a great night talking about our families and the changes to mission life all that good stuff.

wednesday was a good normal day. i changed back my companion and we worked a little bit that day i taught a lesson where we burn matches to someone who is alergic to matches. mistake. and we had a good night. worked decently got doors slammed on us all that fun stuff.

thursday. well i woke up this morning and we had an invitation to go get breakfast with la hna solano. and right when we got there i felt a little wierd in my stomach but i thought oh well thats normal. then i get this call from preciado and easter and what do i hear elder easter has been throwing up all morning and cant move from his bed. oh bother. so i ran over to there house and checked it out. We callled the hno solano to take us to the hospital to get him checked out. he was really in bad shape. so we got to the hospital very quickly. i felt like i was  in a nascar race. when we got there they took him in to examine him and to make a 3 hour wait short. they told him his appendix was bad and that he needed to stay the night. so we left preciado and easter there and went back to go eat our lunch with one of the hermanas and i only ate the bowl of soup. i told her i wasnt feeling well and so we went to the house so that i could rest and try and get my fever down. i tried to take a nap for one hour and didnt sleep a wink. the whole time my fever was going up so i called hna anaya and asked if i could go get it checked out. she said yes of course come to the temple and ask the doctors here. well they looked me over real fast and said i had an infection in my throat and that was why i was having a fever. that night i slept like a baby and by that i mean i woke up at about 2 in the morning making all sorts of noise. it was the best. i threw up at like 3 30 and i was just lovin life. my great companion elder gomez was helping me out the best he could but i was payin it. i fell asleep againg at 4 30 and slept until 630 and called hna anaya and she told me i could sleep a little more to try and get better. at this same time my friend Elder Easter was in surgery to get his appendix removed. we called and asked how they were. doing and they said he was alright. but he had to stay one more night. that afternoon i just kept getting more and more sick so i went to get it checked out in the hospital. i was worried the tacos got me to. i had some blood tests taken and the doctor told me  i was fine i only had gastroenteritis so as long as i take medicine for the next two weeks i should be fine. after all my testing was done we went and talked to a slightly druged elder easter to ask him how he was. then we went back home.

saturday. elder easter got released at around 11 and he and elder preciado met us up at the pharmacy to buy some drugs for the next weeks. and then i got left to take care of elder easter while the two not sick elders went and worked. well we gave easter the drugs we were supposed to and were resting and then he got super bad stomache pains. it was really bad so we took him back to the hospital and i stayed with him in the hospital over night. we got to the room at 1:30 and  i had to wait until two to take my drugs. it was quite an exciting day but all ended well with me sleeping on the couch in the hospital room.

sunday well we sat in the hospital all day talk about super fun time... i was bored out of my mind. and i had to walk with elder easter all day. 30 min walking and 15 rest and thats how we had to run the whole day. president came by and gave us sacrament and talked with us for a little bit. and then my district came and visited us in the night.

monday yesterday we got released from the hospital and went to the solanos house. elder easter wasnt doing great. so we just stayed there all day and i got permission to write today so i hope you are all having a great week i sure had a good one it was filled with hospital visits and now im in splits with elder easter for a few mor days. things are fine. i want to go work because i feel like i just had a week without doing anything. but with paciencia i will be fine. only a few more days get elder easter back to health i hope! and that was my super fun week! dont worry im doing fine my area will be too when i can get to work i love you guys so much and hope you have a great week and i want you to remember that if they are cooking tacos across the street from a river that is blacker than the nike sign on a white sock. you probably shouldnt eat them they could kill you...;) with lots of love elder Jenson