Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb 23, 2015

I will try and have a good day tomorrow it should be really busy so thats always a bonus. i feel like this week should be a better one. last week was good but i felt like we didnt acomplish much because of the hectic agenda that comes with training and going to training meetings. but all in all it was really good. we saw some really great things happen and im glad to have a companion with a little bit more new energy. its something i have missed over the past few months since all of my comps lately have had more than a year in the mission.

well not a whole bunch to write about right now cuz its only been like 4 days since i wrote the last time but i did get to watch the movie meet the mormons today in the morning  as a multi zone activity. the stories were pretty cool. my favorite was the navy football coach he had a great way of showing his priorities. then i was really glad to see his example. i felt like it  aplied to my life a little the female kick boxer from costa rica reminded me of mom getting up early and running if they make a sequal im submitting mom`s name. ultra marathon runner with 7 kids im sure that they would love it!

we had some good lessons and we have a new investigator named kimberly she is 19 and has one little girl.  she is awesome and just moved into our area. the sisters were teaching here before in another area in my zone. and she moved into my area i have a lesson with her on wednesday that im really excited about! also we found some other potential investigators with my companion.. ok i just was reminded of a classic experience. thursday was my first real day of work with my companion and so we had to contact. i contacted the first three people so he could get a feel for how we should present ourselves and how to ask for their information. so he knocks his first door ever and it was a grouchy old lady that didnt even open the door jajja he said " hola were missionaries frome the ch.." and she said"not interested" basically slammed the door. it was soo funny i felt bad for the poor kid. then i had a sweet day planned for his first day of real work. and what would you guess no one was home. so we walked all day. and contacted a ton but no one wanted to talk with us. so in the end of the day i took him out to eat some hamburgers and we just laughed i tried to tell him that sometimes we have to have days like that as missionaries. friday was much better every one was home and after the first person we taught, we contacted them the day before, he told me you know that one lesson was worth every minute of the bad day we had yesterday. i was really happy to hear his comment because it reminded me of my first few weeks with my trainer.

so what else is new. well were heading into march thats really cool i cant believe it and derek just wanna wish you a very happy birthday you are an awesome little brother. im having a good time out here if you didnt get that from the letter life is good in my area. i hope you have  a great week love yall tons!

Feb 16, 2015

well thanks for the football up date. its good to know there are possiblities. and I kinda knew i would lose the scholarship when i chose the mission so im not to worried about it. im doing what i need to to get ready out here so im sure everything will work out. although seriously thinking about it it may be better to wait until spring semester to get on to a team. im not really that sure though cause im not there so if you will just keep me updated on whats happening that would be awesome!

right now im just loving my mission as usual. i have a new kid his name is elder pacheco. love the small fry. he is from merida yucatan. and we have gotten along really well in the two days we have been together. i will admit if i wouldnt  have been so excited to train i would have been really sad to see elder Henao go he was a really good companion and we worked well together.

other things that were fun from the week were, first, elder rodriguez from peru finished his mission thursday and so elder muñoz went with us for the weekend! it was out of control. we worked well and all but having three elders in the same house i had to keep my eyes peeled all of the time. we had some epic studies. since i have been working out earlier i have a little time to study before i work out so at 5 30 i was studying while waiting for the other two elders to get rollin and elder muñoz came and studied with me! it was the best nothing better than starting your morning with excersise and scriptures!

this week i had some really cool experiences with a new family were teaching. we taught the restauration and the brother had already read two chapters of the book of mormon before the lesson! i was so happy. i love when investigators follow through on there part it really helps the progress of our teaching. yesterday i saw gerson he is doing well he just needs to make up his mind on when he gets baptized. because he is really solid right now! Ana will probably get  married in 10 days and im really excited she is also doing everything so that she can get baptized and after her we are planning on baptizing her kids. the work is great down here. and now im just trying not to let the time go by too fast!

well glad to hear about all of your fun activities Cant wait to hear where derek goes on his mission! love you all so so much take care!

elder jenson

Feb 9, 2015

glad to hear things are going great over there.  i wouldve baptized like 5 people if it wasnt for the law of chastity rule but thanks to a free marrige day  on the 28th we may have some luck getting over that rough spot! I have learned that its important that the people that i have taught have a vision of temple marriges when i teach commandments especially that one. it seems to have worked pretty well with them until now.

this week was a gooden i had a couple of really great lessons with gerson about tithing and fasting and the other was a baptism the sisters had saturday! i was really happy to see how he has responded to what we have taught. i also went running with him and my companion on saturday which led to a rough sunday becuase i got sick with a cold. that was really lame.

we found a new family to teach. it is an older couple that was a reference from some members from another ward. we taught the plan of salvation and it was awesome! im pretty sure it is my favorite lesson because the part about the atonement is great i shared some lyrics from a song named "wondering"by aron edson its a song that makes me reflect what myactions caused. you might like the song dad. but that family was really interested and we will go visit them  this sunday. im really excited!

funny part of the week. well this sunday in the closing prayer someone went running out of the room during the prayer. i didnt see who but right after the prayer i saw why. there was a giant poop on the ground next to one of the seats. it wasnt an intentional maldad because of the texture someone had an accident. it was soooo gross! maybe the grossest thing i have seen on my mission. if they would ahve just given me a heads up i could ahve tried locking pinkies so that nothing would ahve happened but what happened happened and it was disgusting.

Im having a good time down here and am happy with the progress that ihave seen in my area over the last few weeks. i hope you are all well! have a great valentines day1 love you all tons!

Feb 2, 2015

hmmm well the good guys cant always win... sorry to hear about jaxon but i hope he learned the lesson that if its not broken dont fix it... hospital explosion was not very close to my mission i dont think im pretty sure it was in the south of the city. but it sounded like a bad deal.

 this week was really good we had a ton of progress with our investigators. and we also had a really great notice from one of our investigators he got a job now were just hoping that he finds his answer about baptism just as easily. this week  we worked a bunch with returned missionaries and other members and it was really great. i love having the spirit there with members in the lessons. right now were hoping to get some marriges in two weeks because valentines day is free marrige day! but other than that were just working hard trying to convert those who we teach down here.

mom i think you would have been proud of my shopping today. we bought rice, beans, tuna, and canned vegetables. i think im finally going to take a break on hamburgers. other good news i have a gym in my area that opens at 6 and i got permission to go from president. so we shall see how chubby i return home. right now im about 180-183 its so sweet!

funny story the elder in our ward that leaves in 11 days got up to bear his testimony and it was really good and powerful until he quoted mosiah 1:39 you know. " behold  this is my work and my glory to bring to pas the immortality and eternal life of man." haha all of the elders and returned missionaries in the ward just started laughing. it was soo great! right now im just lovin the work in our ward our investigators have been progressing alot so i hope to have baptisms the next few weeks especially after the marriges the 14th.

best lesson of the week was either with Gerson when we talked about the word of wisdom and he told us he had been living it his whole life or the lesson with Mario and his wife, in the visitors center it was so spiritual and after talking to the wife for the first time. she wanted to go the the temple and get sealed to her family it was a great  lesson. the only downside is that they will leave for two weeks but im sure everything will go great!

so thats all for this week ahve a gooden!

Jan 26, 2015

thats a pretty fun jury duty, yikes i couldnt do that. and attta boy cristian going for the long distance relationships jajaja thats awesome! im sure he´ll be fine but that is his exaltation ya know. so who knows maybe there will be an  expected marrige when i get homejajaja im sorry that is so funny i think i will respect the rule of waiting for the older brother to get married first when i get home! and this whole parenting thing not so sure about it... ok i guess im kinda sure about it cause i have been teaching alot of less actives lately about the family a proclamaiton to the world. it definately doesnt leave the whole parenting thing as an option. im glad to hear that you guys are doing work in the missionary department thats pretty cool!

this week was pretty good. we worked hard and had a bunch of lessons with recent converts which was good and i kept teaching english to Gerson. now im sure i will not be a teacher when i grow upbut i really am having a blast teaching him. i try not to laugh to much as he and my companion struggle with words that sound like swear words. but theyre good sports too so everything is good.

this week ana didnt get baptized were still trying to work out her spousal situation but she wants to  get baptized so its a matter of patience. by far the hardest attribute to obtain on the mission. after teaching the first lesson and them accepting i just wanna take em to the font, but its ok to teach them everything how i should.

right now in the plan of the area of mexico focuses alot on becoming autosufficient, tithing and fast offerings. i think its great cause they are starting to help the people here to see that they aren´t stuck how they are and that they can progress. its so wierd to see so many families living in the same house here and i think thats part of the plan is that the kids leave the house and build their own lives. on  the more personal level i am starting to get a better understanding of the importance of fasting. thats one of my goals for this year is to fast better. i have felt as though my whole mission i have fasted and some have been better than others accourding to necesity. but i want to grow from them more. spiritually not physically. im happy how i am right now and maybe losing a few pounds wouldnt hurt to much.;)

well other than that this week was good working out is going great 6 00 am monday through friday. good studies in the liahona and my comp and i get along really well. im trying not to get too comfy here but right now we  have a good routine and are working hard. thakns for the word of advice. i will try and stay away from snakes jaja even though in mexico they´re not called snakes;) hope you have a great week love ya tons. and i will talk to yall in a week!

elder jenson

Jan 19, 2015

well thats some pretty cool stuff thats happening up there! i will tell you about my week first and then we will talk about other fun stuff.

so my week went great. we have been working hard and even though we arent baptizing 3000 people everytime we talk in public it has been great to have some good investigators. this week we got a new investiator named Gerson. He is a stud. he showed up last sunday at church and asked if i could help him with some english classes because he needs a higher level of english so that he can get a job because right now he is unemployed. i have learned not to get to optomistic when people ask for english classes and not about the church but we decided to give er a shot. so tuesday we had an engish lesson i just talked to him in english alittle to see where he was at. he was really humble about all of it and took every counsel i gave him very well. then at the end we had like 15 minutes until we needed to go so i asked him what he wanted to talk about. he responded "the church" turns out he contacted the sisters in the Visitors center becasue he felt like he needed to go and see what was happening in side then that same week he goes to church, is reading the book of mormon( hes finishing first nefi right now and reads with his wife everynight), and he is always in the lessons an really an active guy today i played soccer with him in the morning, he is 34 btw, plays like a boss, i was talking to him after we won the first two games and he told me that he played for  a professional soccer club down here in mexico like ten years ago really just a great guy and im really excited to keep teaching him.

other than that we have good ole Ana that is just basically a member now. just trying to work out some stuff at home before she gets baptized. so keep her in your prayers please. si Dios quiere she will be baptized this weekend!

other fun stuff my comp and i have been getting up at 6 :00 everyday fort the last month to do excercise. my goal for the new year was to get back in good enough shape to play college football. size isnt really a problem im about 180 right now . another goal i put for this year is not to miss a day with my journal until now im doing well. last year was kinda  an epic fail. but you were right i will want to remember these times and even though i remember a ton right now about my mission there are things i wish i could remember better so im doing my best to write notes to help me remember.

this week teaching wise we had lots of spiritual experiences and had people crying almost every day in lessons, im not saying it to brag but it was really really cool. and im starting to understand why you were thinking about being a marrige couselor after your mission. its really cool when you can feel exactly what you need to do to help someone a nd then you see that that was what they needed. i had a really good week and am pretty happy about how it all went!

now football stuff i really hope something works out and if i need to go to virginia great but i need to work before i head out there. so just keep me updated on whats happening and i will work to get into shape here.thanks for the updates on everything it makes life alot easier when i dont worry about what happens so much when i get home. 5 months to the end its coming to fast but its still enough time to get er done!

talk to you guys later i hope you have an awesome week ! love yall

January 7, 2015

pedid y recibireis.  ja ja bueno  pues la semilla esta sembrado, ahora ella solamente necesita tener unos razones para quedarse en seminario. para aprender todo y hacerse su decision. pero estoy orgulloso que tuvo la fe para orar por una oportunidad de compartir el evangelio.

glad to hear life is good back at home and that oregon is going to win a national championship while im on my mission seems fitting. right now things a rea going great here tambien. some of our families that we were teaching have finally returned from vacations which is wonderful we are teaching one family of a single mom and her two dauters. the daughters are a little crazy like girl versions of jacob and Jaxon i feel its fitting since they have 9 and 11 years. but they are awesome! we went to the visitors center with them monday and taught about families forever and baptism.  they all said they would like to so its just a matter of time until they get dunked! tonight we will go to their house to watch a movie im  guessing th restauration. but we shall see. koli poki is an option . but they have seen me enough so im guessing the restauration

in other news new years was great! dont worry i got my resolutions set and im really looking forward to keeping them i hope you guys all put some good goals back home! i am realizing that goals are really important now in the mission more than ever we have a chance to have some really great things happen out here but we need to have goals and work to get em done! and i feel like our goals help us to live freely and act in stead of being acted upon.

changes were tuesday but i didnt have<> happy i get along really well with my companion right now and hope we can work well together one more cycle. or more if necesary. the ward is great where im at and another missionary just got home today! thats two in the last like 4 weeks . its nice because we have people that can help us wiht lessons. and contacting.

what else is new. i think that is about it la verdad.

have a great week and take care love you all tons and have a great week!