Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 21, 2014

why are people so stupid i dont understand. i think that its good im out here or bodies would show up in the creek mysteriously... its so lame that some people act so childishly because they have nothing productive to do with their lives. sigh. ok im good now. Im so glad to hear that your taking everthing so well. and that you can still shoot the lights out. i on the  other hand cant really do anything. im awkard at soccer and my shot is gone, so even if your in a wheel chair when i get home  i will probably lose. but if we play monopoly you better watch out. ive become quite effective at buy and building! jaja so sounds like other that poop slinging chimpanzees life is going pretty great down there. lake powell looks like fun, but dont worry im having plenty of fun in the water, the rain is so beautiful! 

well this week wasnt to bad on this side either. i had some opportunities this week that helped me grow alot. and most of them revolved around a young family that was having some problems. the husband explained to us a little about what was going on in the family and his concerns about possible divorce. and then asked us for our opinion. well as 19 year olds never having been married we shied away from ansering right away. but said we would come back later and talk about how things could get better. so latter that day we headed over to the second counselors house. and he talked to us about marraige and how its a give and take. he also explained the importance of being a provider for our families, and making sacrifices for them. it was an incredible talk. and really helped me understand a little bit more. we came back to talk to the young family and explain the family in the plan of god. the spirit was very strong as we explained about the gift god gave them in their little girl. in the end they decided to try and work harder for each other. and our prayers are with them to make it through  this hard time.  

this sunday our bishop made the comment to us that the mission is worth 15 years of life experiences. because for two year, more than 700 days we are here just in gods work, and all we do is talk to people, and so we get to learn alot. whereas a normal member that uses a sunday like we should use our days. and there are 52 sundays in a year.  the experiance i had this week confirmed that to me, and made me really greatful for the challenges i have faced here.

as far as investigators. well this week was hard. every lesson we had fixed was canceled, and we only had one good solid lesson. we taught the restauration to the best progressing investgator. and it was awesome. but then we never got to see her again this week. 

im pretty happy right now though. i finally am getting some good exercise. i started running and totally ran 3 kilometers every day... oh yeah marathons here i come! mom you cant make fun of me. and after running so much i have come to the conclusion that i could probably walk a marathon faster than i could run it...

well that was my week i enjoyed it im sorry to hear about the lame stuff but the good stuff sounds great. hope you have a great week i love you all so much and wish you the best !

elder Jenson

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 14, 2014 Just past the year mark

1 year selfy.. Yep they get kinda weird as you will see below. He is doing a great job though, and he loves Mexico.
His bed is even made!

this week was pretty good. but like every week it rained a ton. so to start of the week it was a little slow. but i did the best to get more focused this week. everyday i got up and worked out pretty decently, no running so im still fat but now im fuerte-cito;) but i will run when i get a comp that will go with me. also studies this week were great. i studied the confrence talks and mosia 12 hasta 22 and it was awesome. abinidi is a great example of a missionary. and it was so easy to apply his teachings to me. one of the the things that i  liked best about his story is that he had little success, but he testified of christ with out fear knowing that death was imanent, he died with one convert but because of his pure testimony and unshakable faith his convert brought thousands to the gospel. i have been loving my studies they strengthened me this week.

also we had some good times, one day we were with and we played a game for references. and what do you know it worked. we are going to contact references tomorrow. i feel like we are going to progress more and more in this area every week!

oh and i had divisions with  Elder Gomez. an elder from the domincan republic. and we got some work done. and had one of the best days that we have had in a while. i miss being in charge but right now is my time to learn to be humble and learn from what my companion can teach me.

its so great to hear about all the good things that area going on back home! derek congrats on your eagle, music, being awesome. and cristian how is work going. now that its all easy;) youre probably loving the break. ok and all that went fishing please leave some fish in the lake i still wanna go when i get back!

im looking forward to having a great week hope you all have one too. i also am glad for pics from home love seeing you guys.!

I guess that is ok??  I didn't hear of any city
 blocks in Mexico burning to the ground so I
guess fires on the roof must be kind of normal?

At least we know he is eating well!!

Just kidding, he says the sister there is a very good cook.

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014 1/2 way and the only Jenson in the field now!

well this week was a pretty good one. i was thinking of you guys all week and especially my big brother. Its still hard to realize hes home and that im still here in mexico. but its ok just one more quick year and i will be there laughing with you guys. and then we can ship off elder jenson 3.0 ha ha but i really am glad to have a great family waiting there in my house for me. and i guess i can start with the account of the week.

well lets see tuesday would be a great place to start off with. tuesday i had the chance to teach our investigator while in divisions with Elder Fike, from wyoming, and ya know what we talked about baptism with her and she accepted the challenge. we still have a lot of work to do but i know we can do it. the biggest challenge will be getting her married but i know if she is really looking for the change we can do it! also had a fun night and our family that we live with invited us to eat dinner and drink some atoli. it was fun.

wednesday. well let me see. we got rained on a ton and so we spent a lot of time with members. because almost all of our appointments fell through. but its ok this is kinda a hard time for me because it rains for hours and i feel like we lose a lot of time. i oft find myself thinking of the childs rhyme. "Rain rain go away please come back another day". but oh well this time will pass. time has gone by so fast in this area. i cant believe this is my fifth week in this area. i know decently where im going now and its getting a little better.

thursday. today was the winner of all days of rain. we were on our way to our meeting where we report to our ward mission leader. and one of the streets had 3 feet of water over it. and it was a 4 lane street. talk about traffic jam. it was ridiculous. and we didnt make it to the church. but niether did our mission leader. so we rescheduled for next week.

friday. it was a good friday. and we visited a few less actives kinda a normal day.

saturday. we got a new investigator. and she seems kinda like a fence sitter, but she will listen to us so at least thats something. also we had a family night with a family of less actives, and made lemon pie with them. it was pretty good stuff.

sunday. it was a good fast sunday. and we had a good day at church. then after it was a really slow day.

and today. i bought some brownie mix and i will send you pictures tonight! also got a great excercise in. trying not to come back in too bad of shape... but then again circle is a shape. so i guess im fine;=

well i miss you all ton welcome home cristian. thanks for your great example your an awesome big brother. hope you guys are safe and enjoying vacations! see ya all l8r! jaja bye

con amor,

elder jenson.

June 30, 2014

How crazy right! i cant believe that cristian is going home to join the mortals... this week was kinda lame and slow but some good things happened.

good news first.

well this week we had two lessons with the new family we are teaching. the said that they will go to church this coming sunday. and we had members in the two lessons with them. they are such a great family also that last monday in the afternoon she sent us a message that said that she would not be able to come to the fhe and so we went home and said a prayer that she could come with us and we went to her house. and she said wait im putting on my shoes and i will be ready to go. it was such a great blessing. after that we had a family night about prayer and the spirit was so strongthe mom shared with us in the family night that she said a prayer that she might find a way to get closer to god and then the next thing she new her sister was telling her that two young men wanted to talk with her outside. she is the best.

not so great news.

well as you probably all know mexico lost. and the last day here has just been depressing. everyone is so sad about the loss. its amazing how much this game means to these people. if all the members would have just gone to church they would have won. ok i know thats not why they lost but i feel like it had a hand in it;) this week was hard to work it rained cats and dogs all week. i thought i was going to need an ark to visit people. but in the few visits we had they were pretty good ones.

well thats my report from thisweek i will do more in the following week so that i can report a little more. i love you all so much and i cant believe that cristian is coming home this week you are the best family in the world.

and savy congrats on being the best camper,. and derek of course is the most talented person i know;)