Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013... 1st letters

Hey family i miss you guys so bad that story with the lizard is hilarious sorry jordan. also i loved the snacks and am still lovin em cause i havent eaten very much. I dont have a card reader so i cant send pics right now. and I tried to send you a letter but forgot to put a stamp on it. it was an epic fail. but its really busy here and i have learned a lot most of all that like the city of Rome my spanish vocabulary will not be built in a day. my day consists of a ton of studying and a lot of prayers that i will somehow learn spanish. the first three days were really hard for me the teacher talked in spanish the whole time and i didnt understand a word he said so i was really discouraged i have like 8 hours of class a day! but sunday was amazing and today is just a good break from spanish except i have to have a disscusion tonight in spanish! its my third one and i feel like i understand the spanish really well but i dont Know how to respond. but seriously the third day i was here i had to teach a lesson in spanish it was no bueno the one we taught saturday was ok but we still have a lot i want to say but cant. mi companero elder rojo grande aka elder welch es muy bien! el jugar futbol americano por Bountiful. he is a really cool kid i have learned how to say a prayer in spanish already and i know how to say my testimony en spanish my district is all from utah except the one that is from idaho but thats pretty much north utah he is our district leader and he reminds me a lot of dad. the spanglish in our zone is ridiculous and like three kids are from cali so they talk like gangsters its so funny the spirit is so strong here and I cant wait for more experiences. also dad if you have any tips on what helped you to learn spanish they would be greatly appreciated. If you want to know anything else be kinda specific and i will tell you about it.
amo mi familia
Elder Jenson. and mondays are my p day sorry im not as cool as craig:P

After a brief training email about being more specific, he responded a while later with this:

sunday was amazing because we had an awesome devotional on how the spirit guides us to people the lord has worked on to find his gospel. the food here is really good like sunday dinner was cordon blue it was so good. and i can eat all the food i want and not get fat cause my dorms are on the top floor of a 4 story building and my class is on the top floor of a 5 story building its really awful but i will have amazing calfs in about 6 weeks. played basketball on saturday and shot pretty well. here is a little on the kids in my district. mi companero is like 5-9 230 and is a ginger but he is a funny kid his name is elder welch. from bountiful. the other companionship is elder murphy 6-5 215 and played basket ball for logan. graduated in 2012 he is a nice kid. elder crowther is the other one he is about 6-0 and 145 with kinda red hair like dads. he is an awesome kid from idaho. really have enjoyed getting to know him. the other room is elder parduhn from highland area. he is pretty cool played football for lone peak. his companion is elder speth he is a musical guy soft spoken he is like 19. then elder berry. he played basket ball for lone peak graduated in 2012 and spent the last year in byu-hawaii playing basketball. his companion is elder creavan his nickname is elder creamer cause he is like 6-5 . he was ashlyn t's best friend growing up and he said that i stole her heart from him. we have no girls in our district. i would love to get letters and will try and responde as fast as i can to them thanks you guys are awesome love you.

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