Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

The contents were very agreeable with my pallet, and all the cute little notes from the kids were great. jordan thank you for the fan! jax i have seen no games of any sports its killing me! and jacob we are going to fight when i get home;) you are all such a good suppor to me and i am so glad i grew up there.

 i love using scriptures in my lessons and the things i learned in seminary have helped me to know enough to have a few in each lesson. My schedule is different everyday, but it usually consists of 6 hours of class in two 3 hour segments. 1 hour of some sort of physical excercise. they have a weightroom with dumbells so I use that about twice a week. i dominate 4 square and horse shoes. basketball is fun and soccer isnt too bad i have only played once. we have all you can eat meals 3 times a day and most of the food is pretty good. like chicken cordon blue and ribs. breakfast is terrible though. i have an hour of personal study every morning at 7. we usually have language study for an hour and 15 minutes and an hour or two of companionship study. and we have this thing called TALL, which is kinda like roseta stone, for an hour. Tuesdays and sundays are usually devotional days and i love the devotionals they are so good.

 i have seen stew, fev,tyler glover, and matt dove from kanab plus a bunch of kids i played sports against in region nine.

ok epic fail of the week... hermano Alworth is out of town on wednesday and hermana Link is his substitute. Elder welch and I had to teach and when i got in the room i completely forgot how to speak spanish it was so bad. any ways it was the worst lesson ever. we got paused half way through which im not sure if that has ever happened in one of these before. ... it was demoralizing... anyways no one in our whole district taught "Clara" (Hermana Link's investigator name) well. it was such a hard night i felt like i had gone backwords and  knew nothing.

Even more daunting was that i had TRC, they bring in voulunteers and you have to talk to them in spnanish. i prayed for a lot of help that night. and i the morning elder welch and i said a prayer before we went in. we hadnt ever done that before. and we taught the best lesson we have taught while being in here. then we taught two more lessons that day we said prayers before both of them and they had equally as impressive results. I know that Heavenly Father helps us when we pray with real intent and it is somthing that i have learned how to do since being out here. something about learning a language and not understanding people really humbles you, but the lord always helps me out when i really need it. love you guys so much and thanks for all the treats again. loved them! have a good week
Te amo
Elder Jenson

 The Kanab boys at the Provo temple
 Missionaries headed to Mexico City East Mission
 That is a pretty good image of how he'll feel for the rest of his life after these two years
 Mini golf is not exactly how we did the MTC back in the day
He named this "Long Day"... probably from the mini golf?
Elder Jenson is working hard and loving the MTC.  

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