Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 18, 2013

Hey parents I thought I should let you know i will be leaving the mtc at 430 monday morning after which i will go over to the airport and fly out at 8 am. so excited any ways. we get laid over from like 12-4  in atlanta so i will call you around two if thats ok. if i can get a phone card. but i should be able to find one in the airport. so excited to talk to you guys!

Ok quick over view of the week. had a devotional tuesday  night and it was amazing. Elder Scott came and gave an amazing talk about prayer. it was extremely spiritual. he also gave us an apostelic blessing that all the missionaries who were learning a language would be able to recieve the gift of tounges thats a great thing to hear when you are a week away from being in a foreign country. when he left all three thousand missionaries stood in silence it was sweet. then while he was walking out he said "BE GOOD" it brought a lot of laughter to all of us that heard it. it was great to see that a man who was so quiet and humble was still able to have a good sense of humor. 

Wednesday was a pretty slow day until i got the opportunity to host a fellow kanabite... Elder Matthew Aldredge. it was so much fun seeing Matt and the rest of the family i felt bad i didnt give Sister aldredge a hug. but I have been here for too long. ha ha . that day went on pretty slowly after i finished hosting but i did see yanni later that day it was good to run into him. i have seen them a couple times since they got here and both seem like they are doing great!.

Thursday... in field orientation. this is a meeting from 8AM till 5 30 PM. it was awful. but we learned a ton about how to work with the ward in missionary work, how to plan weekly goals, and listen to a ton of speakers. one of the speakers talked  about a race that only the best athletes could participate in called an ultra marathon... the whole time i was thinking yeah my mom is awesome... he likened it to persevering to the end and told us a story about a guy that was 60 that ran it and not only did he finish but he set the world record for it. he ran through the nights when all the other runners would stop. and he won because he gave all that he had in that time. as missionaries we need to give all of my time to god and not take rests because 2 years isn't that long.

Friday we had a hand ball tournament which i took second in. i got a haircut. the barbers use a vacuum after they cut your hair and suction your whole head to pick up the extra hair it is the best thing ever... just sayin... wink wink nod nod cough* mom! cough* anyways we got done with that and went to classes just the same old stuff.

Hoy just finished my last class in the mtc and i cant wait to go when I get to mexico i will send you picks of my class and teachers. 

THis week we learned about reflexive and subjunctive both past and present my head only hurts a little so i can count that as a win! 

well hope you guys are having a good week hopefully i will talk to you on monday! love you muchly

Elder Jenson 

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