Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

well those classes sound like what i'm going through so i totally feel for you mom! and jordan dang it get feeling better!! well i'm off to salt lake at 10 to go get my visa i'm so excited!! usually the missionaries don't get their visas till like the last week. mom you are doing great things in running and being a missionary! I'm so grateful for the great example you have set for me.

 well the new sport we play at the mtc is sand volleyball because its the only one you can dive in and have fun. we cant touch net or backboard or rim in basketball. but its fun to play with all the kids from up north. i am a tank at 160 on a heavy day... i have put on like no weight.  i'm trying to beef up so when i lose 20 pounds my first month in mexico i don't look like skeletor;)

 teaching keeps getting better!. we taught hermana link again and it went so much smoother. yesterday was the hardest fast i have ever done. we didn't eat til 5:30! but we had a testimony meeting, and i have never felt the need to bear my testimony like i did yesterday. i felt like my heart was going to explode and i got up and bore it in Spanish it was the best and most sincere testimony i have ever said. i love that part of Spanish you really have to mean what you say because i cant just go off with difficult language and an expansive testimony. its just simple and sincere. kinda like a little kid!

 i see Tanner like every day. but i haven't really talked to him much. last week i got to see Austin and James it was pretty cool i see Tyler a bunch still and i got to say good bye to stew the night before he left cause we were on the same floor. well i miss you guys like crazy and hope you guys survive all the craziness you are going through. Jordan I'm serious get feeling better! or i will beat your face;)
Te amo
Elder jenson.

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