Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oct 21, 2013

Ok family here is the down low on my week. we have two families that we are teaching  with a single mother and their children. they are progressing well and both went to church this was the first week in like 4 weeks that we had investigadores in the capilla and we had 4 it was awesome! and also my english is starting to get a little bad when i talk to the north americans its either in spanish or every other word is in english ha ha its terrible i have only been gone for 3 1/2 months. im not going to speak english when i get back! but thats fine because i am lovin it down here. its hard but its really fun i feel like i have had a blessing in the last week because we worked hard and finally got to see the benifit of our works sunday.

ok new things this week well i had divisiones with the district leader and it was a little rough but i learned some new things and that was really good. second i went to polanco again i wish it was in our mission it is so pretty. ha ha and we played soccer today and ate biscuts and gravy, and no bake cookies! so good to have some food that was familiar. we found a park close to our house that we can work out in and that has been great this week.

I had a lot of good experiences and i learned alot thanks for being a good example always padres mios and it sounds like you guys are having a good time back at home tell the family high for me. jaxon jacob and jordan good job in soccer thats awesome. savy keep working and listen to dad he will teach you good things. derek thats awesome you will be a great blessing to the people when you go on your mission.! thanks for the update its good to hear about you guys how is kanab football going?  well have a good week love you family
Te amo Elder Jenson

OK otro experiencia yo tuve esta semana. a noche tuvimos un noche de hogar. lofue muy bien. la leccion fue sobre perdon. traemos una investigadora y su hija ella tiene 31 años y su hija tienes 5. cuando yo y elder chacon fuimos en camino ella nos dijo que ella ha bebido un poco antes. entonces ella fue boracha todo de la lección. durante la lección yo puedo ver los affectos de la alchol. sus palabras fue un poco  lento y sus pensimientos no fue muy claro. por el fin de noche su cara mire como toda de la inteligencia se va. dispues de la fhe caminamos a la casa de ella y ella no puede caminar en un lino derecho fue bien feyo y su hija fue caminando con nosotros. cuando estuvimos en su calle ella nos dijo porque caminar bien rappido? y ella cae en la calle. su hija gritado mama mama! con suerte nosotros tomar ella a su casa pero fue una momento yo nunca voy a ovidado.  thanks for never letting alcohol be in our house i didnt want the kids to read this story so i wrote it in spanish  tell me if you dont understand it. love you guys so much !

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