Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

ok mom your officially awesome! like super woman but a little more modest! ha ha

ok a little update from mexico. well spanish is coming along great i love being able to talk to the people and understand their problems doubts and questions!!! i never thought the day would come when i started feeling comfortable. my spanish is good enought that the people understand what im saying but i still have much work to do. good thing i still have 21 months right. haha i love mexico so much except the lack of greenery but other than that i love the people here. they are so good to me. my investigators are in wierd situations but they are all coming along and i hadnt had a new investigator in the last two weeks which was very frustrating. but this week my and my new companion worked like.... well we worked hard. ;) and this last thursday we were walking all over the area searching for new investigators. and we were tired it was like 7 in the afternoon and it was a hot day like 82 degrees. ( the weather here is great) but  we were a little discouraged and i looked at my companion and said " we are going to have a new investigator tonight im not sure how  but we will." and we had two more old references to look up. they were both not at home. well there went my idea. it was about 7 30 at this point and elder chacon and i had nothing more planned for the day so we went to the house of a reference that haddn´t ever been home... yeah she was there and we taught the first lesson to her. it was awesome!. she was my first new investigator in the last to weeks its been a little rough but like it says in ether 12:6 no miracles until after the trial of your faith.
my new companion is named elder Chacon he is built exactly like cristian like 5´2 and tiny but he is a good elder. we get a long great and he doesnt speak english very well so we talk in spanish all day. this is a huge blessing to my spanish. he is from guatamala! and he has been in the mission for 8 months.
ok how about confrence!! it was freaking amazing. i had so many questions for investigators answered. and it felt like to me the message was all about God and learning obedience. this is a problem i have noticed here is that a lot of people have wierd ideas about the nature of god. but  i also know that the only reason that we dont have really weird ideas is because we have men called of god that recieve revelation for us in this day. man what a blessing. im sure you all enjoyed it a ton and there were many things that you guys were able to take away if nothing else we learnded " not to look back" and that we should always "look up" ha ha
Savy write me a letter about basketball por favor! i wanna  hear what you think about it. jacob dont shoot your eye out. derek keep up the good work on the piano your talent will bless the lives of many on your mission. jaxon keep being great for mom and dad. and jordan STAY AWAY FROM THE LADIES!!! ha ha i love you guys so much and your always in my prayers
te amo
 Elder Jenson

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