Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

wow thats pretty awesome you guys seem to be handling all the stress up there pretty well, like bosses if i do say so myself!
And derek that may have been the coolest video i have ever seen!

well this week was quite fun. i had a lot happen and i feel like i had a different story for every day.

tuesday. i taught my district class. and it was alright. i still need to work on teaching my classes. but i had a decent day. we ate with solano and then went to my area to talk to Saul (Mexican Braxton) and his family. We talked to his wife for a while about some of the difficulties she had growing up and talked a little about the word of wisdom. i love that family so much they are the best. after we talked to them the heavens opened and decided i needed two showers that day. it poured and i couldnt get into any houses. i even taught a lesson outside in the rain. but it was great. we talked to a less active family that i had never contacted before and talked about the importance of the church. it was great.

wednesday. it was a good day i had a few lessons and had a new investigator who was a drunk... long story. but yeah we had a good day of teaching and doing missionary stuff!

thursday. well thursday started of with the lesson with our new investigator the drunk. and we started teaching him about the restauration about profets and jesus christ. it was a decent lesson until he saw my companions watch. he asked if he could see it( i dont know why my companion gave it to him but he did) and he put it on. then as we moved on with the talk he hid it in his pocket. when we finished he headed for the hill literally with my companions watch. i started yelling at him to give it back then i chased him down. he said he didnt have it anymore and that he had given it to some women that he said hi to when he passed by. i reached into his pocket and felt it and he stopped me from grabing it. then i told him that we had just talked about commandments and that stealing was agaings gods law. he didnt give me much attention as he took of in the other direction. i was ready to chase after him again but my companion just said to let it go it was a cheap watch. so that was the fun of thursday. but it was a pretty good day. and we worked hard.

friday. first of poor poor elder easter. i looked at my phone at about 7 30 and recieved a text asking me if we all felt alright. of course i was fine cause i never get sick;) so gave them a call asking what was up. and elder medina responded " porque mi compaƱero no quiere trabajar? " i laughed its always the joke when someone is sick. and then he said " my companion is dying he has been throwing up all morning." i went by a little later before the food. and checked on them and let me tell ya elder easter was dying i was there for 30 minutes and he threw up 3 times it was just a bad deal. then i went and ate. we came back after the food and i took elder medina to the food because elder easter was in no state to leave the house. so i came back and he had still been throwing up. he was feeling a little better and i had two lessons to teach so i headed back to my area. when i finished up things over there i got a call from elder medina saying that his companion was still dying and that i needed to come back so we could go buy an injection from wal mart. you would be amazed at the things you can buy in mexico without a doctors note... then we headed back so a sister could inject him. well when i got back he was payin it alittle and we had to walk to the hermanas house. it was less than a block away. but out side the door the started throwing up and lost vision and hearing. it was really bad. then his hands cramped up and he started going into shock. so we headed on over to the hospital. and when i got there i just looked at the nurse and said he needs help. we rushed into instant care and everything was alright after we got the iv in. but it was pretty intesnse. we left the hospital at 12 in the morning and so our mission president just took us to his house.

saturday. woke up in presidents house and washed his car and played ping pong i was undefeated dont worry.;) but it was a great  day we had 4 hours of capacitations in the afternoon but i felt pretty good about the day.

then  sunday. i went to stake conference which was awesome and then had a bunch of lessons with new people. it was just a good day after hardly working the last two and i have 4 new investigators cant wait to visit them this week it should be great!

well love you all tons im having a great time here wish you all the best! tons of love

Elder Jenson!

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