Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 27, 2014

alright family that is having a fantastic weekend... this week was a pretty good week. My companion and i worked really hard despite having some difficulties. and here comes the weekly run through.

tuesday oh what a marvelous tuesday. well i went in splits with elder Guachalla. and he got sick. the day before he put one of those aspirin tablets that you leave in water in his mouth and tried to swallow it. the pill was about the same size as a quarter just three times as thick. it started disolving in his throat and he was hating life with me. so we called the doctor and they told us to buy some benedryl to help it get better. i want you to think of will smith in hitch. that was my night in splits i was laughing so hard the whole time. it was a pretty good day.

wednesday. finished up splits with a druged up Elder Guachalla. and then headed back to my area to work. to put it simply we did work...;) and we had 5 new investigators. it was the best. and one of the new families we are teaching lives in the hill. when my companion told me that it was by the top of the hill i just smiled. then we couldnt find the house so we had to ask one of his friends how to get there. we litterally had to walk a trail and scale a little bit of the mountain to get there. it is probably the coolest house setting i have ever seen in mexico.

thursday. well today we helped some family members of one of the families move houses. it was a great because the three people that we moved in are new investigators and we are going to have a familynight with them tonight!( today monday) then we just had a bunch of lessons. and it was a really great night. it feels so good to finaly be working a little better in my area.

Friday. ok this was by far the worst day of the week. it rained a ton and we didnt have very many lessons. which was kinda lame becuase we were having such a great week. but i cant complain to much because we finished decently.

saturday. well it wasnt the best day either but we found a bunch of people and invited them all to church. i had 7 people this day tell me that they were going to church sunday! and i went to the visitors center with Saul and his family. the spirit was so awesome. and they said they wanted to go to church.

sunday. today was a great end to a great week. On tuesday in my district class to told my district i wanted 90 lessons  this week and we had 22 of the 30 that we needed. so we got to the church and none of my investigators showed up. it was really hard because i had so many that told me yes and they were all no shows. it was a hard morning and i was a little sad. and really just wanted to study after church and got to the food and then go to the branch family night. but my companion was like hey i want 30 lessons and i decided it was fine. so we started off right after church and couldnt find anyone to teach. then we just found everyone all at once. we gave good lessons to less actives and investigators and because we went to one investigator she came with us to the ward family night. we had 10 lessons that day. and we worked super hard last night we were both just super tired but really happy with the outcome of deciding to give our week a little more effort. also that was the most i have taught in a week on my mission. i feel like my companion and I have great chemistry and that we a going to have a good next two weeks.

alright dad i would like some advice. some times i get discouraged about being in my companionship because we dont see eye to eye on some things. how did you help your companionships stay good during the mission. any thoughts on how i can be a better companion would be greatly appreciated.

hope that you all have a great week. you guys are all so awesome! love you tons!

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