Monday, November 3, 2014

Oct 27, 2014

Well this week went pretty well we had some good experiences with our two progressing investigators. first off guadalupe is doing awesome she keeps on progressing and we are hoping that she gets baptized next month. also melania is doing really well this week we have talked about some great topics with her and we even had the opportunity to talk about the problems of worshiping idols ( or saints and virgins) which is a really touchy subject. but this week was great as far as good investigators go.

ha ha well last week i worked super hard with elder guachalla and we contacted a bunch, the problem is  that when we went to the next appointment no one was home... its sad because they always seem really interested but then they just arent . Well like they say the gospel will be preached to every kindred and tounge and all i can do is hope they accept. but dont worry the animo is still high and we are working hard down here!

Other great news the other elders baptized this week it was so awesome! they baptized a young man named danniel who was super prepared to be baptized! after a great service we were able to talk to melania and she asked if both of us could baptize here she is awesome!

fun stuff this week: first off this week is daylight savings time. so get to wake up later and im loving it.  today played soccer and the gringo

Not entirely sure that Habaneros will be the post mission food of choice
s won! then a family invited us to go eat tacos at their house, Elder gomez from the dominican republic and I ate Habaneros and cried dont worry i have a video and pics but i dont know if they will get there because the video was like five minutes long. we got a good laugh out of it but golly gee it was sooo hot! i was ready to just die because i chewed it up real good.

well short letter. not much to tell from this week it was just good and fast! hope you all have a  wonderful week love you all so much!

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