Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

This week was great for me down in mexico, and by great i mean that i had some great studies because my comp was sick all week so i was at home other than when i did divisiones thurday. they went great and i cleaned out a nasty fridge, it hadnt been cleaned in like 8 months but we got it taken care of. i cant say much about the week other than the book of mormon is awesome. i started nefi again this week and i love when nephi breaks the cords after praying for strength. that story is one that i feel everyone can use. in a talk by elder bednar he talks about the enabling power of christ, and he uses the story of nefi to explain that sometimes we need to pray not that our problem is changed but that we are changed to handle our problem, i also liked that after he broke free he didnt freak out and beat up his brothers, he was humble and in spanish it says that Nefi perdonó a sus hermanos sinceramente, in english its frankly i do believe. my translation was that he really let go their tresspasses and invited them to correct it with god too, it was a great,  it was great to see his example i dont know why i loved taht story but i really did.

hmm other than that sunday was good until my comp had to go home early because he wasnt feeling well, it was a week to learn patience me hizo falta, then today we played soccer and a little basketball i could still dunk! and we ate little caesers it was sooooooo goood!!!!! made me a little nostalgic but thats fine. valió la pena.

well thats all from me folks i hope you have a great week savy smile for me! and the rest of yo keep being great! love you all!"

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