Monday, September 30, 2013

Sept 30, 2013

I could see the temple from the house!

awesome mom!!!! i hope the rest of the time was that good too!. Jacob happy birthday yesterday!!!!!! that's awesome buddy!.

ok my last week was a little hectic!. first off elder figgy went home this week it was a little sad but im happy for him he was a good missionary. i learned a lot from him and it was really cool. our last day as compaƱeros was this thursday. after that i got elder jensen as my companion. ha ah we had a good time but it was a little weird because i was in his area the whole time so we didn't get to have lessons in my area. this was a week i learned a lot from because i had to actually help in the lessons and i could feel the spirit really strong a lot! then we had a baptism yesterday it was so cool the guy we baptized probably could of taught me the lessons he was solid.we also sang at the baptism. and i know the holy ghost was strong cause i sang loud and we could still feel the spirit after. we sang O Mi Padre to the tune of Joseph Smith's First Prayer lo fue bien chido! today we played volleyball and it was a lot of fun. i got a little sunburned but not to bad ha ah. 

I was in the ward casas alaman and it was a little different. every night was there they had a party.... and not some lame little party. i mean the people would close off whole streets. there were fireworks all night. loud music the bass from the amps shook our house it was crazy. also the house i stayed in had a shower. that was awesome hot shower in the morning i didnt think that those still existed! ha ah anyways i had a good time watching fire works from my house! it was so cool  but it was kinda annoying when the fireworks went off at 5 in the morning Hijole these people know how to party!

ha ha no real new stuff this week. but its was good. we ate hot dogs yesterday that was great the bishop was really cool. im excited for the night. im with two latinos de bolivia y mexico should be interestting ah ha hope you guys have a good week cant wait to hear about mom. i get my new companion tomorrow. estoy animado. hasta luego 
se llama laba laba one of the guys that left was hawiian te amo 
elder jenson.

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