Monday, January 27, 2014

Jan 27, 2014

hey family hows it going. I got your envelope!!!!! and before anything else there is something i feel compelled that i need to say... derek please get a haircut....  ok i feel much better now;) no really thanks a ton for the letters i cant wait to read about how my friends area doing in their adventures. and i have the card!  well this was quite a week let me tell you.

tuesday. we had divisions and it was a blast. i was with elder ioane in his area. we worked hard and found a new family to teach. then we talked with a seƱora that had some health problems about the plan of salvation. it was a great experience. then we went home in the end of the night and it was an all around good day.

wednesday. finished up divisions. and the first thing we did was teach Iyari one of our investigators who also had her baptism date set for yesterday we went over the interview questions and everything went bien. so the only thing that we needed was permission from her dad to be baptized. the problem was she didnt ask in the night... then we went for a tour in a taxi searching for a house of a less active member. it was ridiculously expensive. for a taxi here anyways.. and so frustrated and stressed that we couldnt find the house we went home defeated.

thursday. well we had some great lessons today. first off we went  to talk with margarita and adolfo. adolfo recently had a surgery so we went by his house to talk a little and he is doing great. then we went on another wild goose chase with a member. we didnt find them but we did find a family of menos activos. so we will teach them this week. then we had one of the most challenging lessons of my mission. so new investigator and he has more questions than jeopardy. which is great other than my companion started right of with the jehova is jesus and the brother asked where is the evidence of this in the bible. unfortunately this is one of the things i havent studied a ton and so it was a little hard to answer and i half answered the question with corinthians 10 1-4 but dont worry i studied more that night so i know how to explain these things now thank goodness for james talmage and the book of mormon.

friday. we walked zig-zags all day and it was brutal from san isidro to lomas like 3 times. but im still alive. we talked with iyari again and she still hasnt talked with her dad stressin a little because the interview is tomorrow.

saturday. in the morning iyari tells me she talked to her dad and that she is good to go! oh by the way she is 13 and absolutely tiny. but anyways we had the interview and she passed! all is well !

sunday i woke up at 5:30 in the morning. i had to be in the church at 7:20 to start the font and every  thing and so we get to the church and it starts iyari is  no where to be found. so we get about half way through the meeting im stressed and so my companion and i leave so we can check the font and when we come back, there she is i was so happy we finished church and had the baptism at 11 it was so cool like 30 people where there!

well that was my week it was pretty fun i had some great moments and these were just some im lovin it out here and everything is going great!
District at Indios Verdes

Iyari's Baptism

Iyari's Baptism

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