Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jan 5, 2014

well it sounds like good old fun like  normal. we had a good week with members but it was another week of holidays so im excited for this week hopefully we can get a little more success.

but here is the story of the week. tuesday we hung out with the family uribe. nothing to crazy and we were home before 9 30 and asleep at 10 when we finished planning. but we put an alarm at 12 so we could call our district leader it was really funny. we woke up elder ioane and he was a little mad but it was a good joke.

wednesday. was another day with out a ton of lessons but we found a new family to teach and most of them are members but there is one kid who is 9 that we can teach. it was a fine day.

thursday we had divisiones. and ioane came to san juanico. it went well and we visited 3 families. i talked most of the time which is normal in divisiones but it went well. and elder ioane got a haircut it was a good night.

friday. we started with a lesson with an hermana who is less active. we taught her a little about the imortance of the church. and she came sunday wich was great because one of her daughters is an investigator it was the frist time in the last two months we had an investigator in the church.. hope that we have many more to come.

saturday. well elder preciado woke up and told me that he didnt feel great. i went and took a shower and when i got out he was still in bed so i asked him what was wrong and he told me that his stomache  didnt feel good but he would go take a shower so i started ironing and about 5 minutes later he came out and said i just threw up three times... so we called the doctor went and waited with the family solano until we could go to the offices and see the doctor at 12 we ate pambosos after the doctors but elder preciado couldn eat. our district leader gave him a hard time and it was kinda funny i will be honest. but he was pale all day and didnt feel great so that kinda slowed us down. but we had one good talk with some other menos activos and avoided going to tanque 2 which is a good thing in the night. then elder preciadowent and ate with the family solano something kinda like chicken noodle soup with the family solano.

sunday. we had two families in the church and it felt great. especially the first investigator in the church. we hope tohave more in the next few weeks. and im feeling good about my area. we ate with the branch president in the night and ate sopes. its like a tortilla withbeans and lettuce. then we went to tanque 2 and it went fine. we talked with the family sanchez and the showed us a new family of menos activos that are really excited about the gospel. we had a good lesson and a good day.

today. we hung out wiht the solanos all morning im feeling mas o menos right now so sorry for the lame letter but my heads not one hundred percent. tomorrow we get to go to the visitors center and its going to be great i will take some pics and send them next monday hope you have a great week and that everyone can stay out of the doctors office. love you guys losts

les quiero mucho bye bye
elder jenson

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