Monday, February 3, 2014

Feb 2, 2014

well family im glad you enjoyed the super bowl and i too am very happy that the broncos lost i just felt a little bad that it wasnt even game. so anyways my dear family this was a good week but it wasreally normal. we worked hard had good lessons and i felt happy with everything. this week is also changes. im not changing and neither is my companion so at least i have 6 more weeks here. which is good i think!

but here is the story of the week. my whole district ran out ofmoney like 5 days before we got new money for the next month so we walked a ton this week. ha ha then we also had a very interesting weekend. saturday we had a really frustrating day. it was really hard because we had two lessons and usually saturday is one of the best days for lessons. it didnt help that iwas stressed about changes all weekend either. so this weekend was super stressful. we talked with our district leader in the night and they told us it was an aweful day too. but sometimes those days just happen. then came sunday

well first of i woke up at 1 in the morning because i looked at my watch wrong. i thought it was 5 to 6 and it was really one i had the shower going and everything then i look at the cell phone and i just sighed and turned off the shower and tried to sleep again. things got at quarter to 6 and we got ready to go to church. we got there and when the first prayer was offered iyari wasnt there. i was a little stressed. but she showed up right before the sacrament prayer. we had her confirmation and life was good. we got home in the back of a truck i have some pictures that will make dad feel claustraphobic. haha  i felt like it was a good sunday other than in the night my comp got sick and he was puking it was a bad deal.

and today it was a blast. we went to centro and it was sweet i found the coolest place to get breakfast in all of mexico city and im sure that it looked a little wierd to have the 4 missionaries and carlitos drinking hot chocolate at 12 but we had a blast. we also  had the first good pizza i have had in mexico so i cant complain too much. I hope you guys are having a good week love you all tons!

cuidense mucho
Elder jenson
this is Mexico's version of the next Brandon

this side of Elder Jenson needs to stay in Mexico.  I'm sorry
they had to see it.

How missionaries travel when they run out of money.

Museum ... Pday sights

Pday sights.. Mario and Luigi aren't Italian after all.
They called him the rey de los cielos, so I hope that is a
good thing.  they love talking to him

Kinda cool on the head gear.  Hope Brandon doesn't pick
up the rest of the costume tho.

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