Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

wow i felt a little depressed about sunny... but its for the best. so i had an interesting week. with christmas and chrstmas eve and the 15 años with the mafia its been pretty exciting.

but we will start with tuesday.
tuesday. we had a christmas eve with the familia uribe. it was fun about half of the people there were lds like i said and we had a good time. i learned that christmas in mexico has the significance of party and then some. but we had to be in our house before 9 30 so it wasnt super crazy. but we broke piñatas and i ate this gross food that to me was like cat food and seaweed. it was bien feyo for lack of better words.

wednesday. chrstmas christmas time is here time for joy and time for cheer... i woke up christmas morning did all of our family rituals and had a good morning. i cant complain. we made lasagna for chrstmas it was so good. then we went and visited an hermana that is inactive and hasnt been to church for a long time. it was a great lesson all we talked about was the meaning of christmas but the spirit was there. we went back to the solanos house and they were watching the hobit. but not just watching it but watching it in 3D iresisted the temptation to put on the glasses but i listend to it while we talked with the family adn the little kids.

thursday. we had a really bad day for teaching lessons and it was really cold. at least cold for here. so we talked with some members after all of our apointments fell.

friday. we had lessons with members and a few less actives but it was another slow day.

saturday was crazy. we started the day off in tanque 2 and the family that i told you guys about invited us to a 15 años but in the night we told them we would stop by and eat a little food and then leave if we came and they said that was just fine.  so we went to san isidro the other hill in  my area. we talked with an hermano who was menos activo. and it went well after we went to search for our other less active lessons and they  were going to the visitors center.. i figured that was a good enough excuse. so we went to the 15 años at 7 30 and ate what seemed like shredded pork tacos they were pretty good. then we talked with the family members that we knew and one of them the "gordito" said hey jenson you have to talk to my nices they speak english. they were from california, fresno. and thats about all i know because the music was loud and we left right after that. but it was a good experience to have i dont think i will go to another one on my mission but there are better places for missionaries to be.

sunday. we went to church and ate with the president after the block. it was fun to talk with him and his family. about half of them are less active. but he is a good guy and always invites us to talk to his family. we left and went and taught two other lessons it went great.

and today in the morning we went to the gym as a district and my arms are paying it i did a bunch of different bench excercises and tomorow i dont think i will be able to move my arms but thats fine.

well thats about all that happened thiss week it was great to talk to you guys and i hope that you all have a wonderful new year. love you all tons and i will write you in a week. !

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