Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

I'm so sorry to hear about mack that breaks my heart and to tell me that psych is lame is very disapponting. but oh well i will still watch it when i get back. well this week has been one of the most loaded weeks of my mission. well we had changes last week and they i got my new companion his name is elder Gomez. im training again an he is from pachuca, and he is a great companion. im really excited to work with him. he played chess like almost professionally and so we play at night and he kills me but we have fun and get to talk about our lives and work in that time so i enjoy it. and we divided the area i was in and now i have san isidro san jose and el copal the golf course. i know its not why im here but i did find out i can golf there...:) also my new area is a little tough because i have to open it up pretty much. we have no investigators and knew like 3 less active families out here. but im stoked to get to work. i got assigned as dl over the missionaries in our branch and am looking forward to it but im not really sure what to do so im gonna have to hit the ground runnin..

this week i had some interesting experiences. first we were walking in the hill looking for inactive members. and some guys called us over and started asking us about the church and then they stole my tie it was a tragic loss and dont know how i will ever let it go. haha when we left after i gave the man my tie my companion and i laughed a lot on the way back to get a new one from the house.

right now my area is a little hard because we arent going to have a lot of success right off the bat but i know there are people to teach in my area that need our help and i felt the need to be more obedient so that heavenly father would protect us in our area. its not super dangerous dont worry but i know that that little extra protection we need will be here when we need it if we are obedient (I think that is some missionary code for "I'm a little nervous about this place",). i am so happy to hear how things are going there. you guys are a great family and i hope that you can keep up the good work in all of your areas. have a fantastic week and i love you all so much!

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