Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

 this week was a really wierd week. i had exchanges twice once with my zone leader and once with my district leader elder frica. it was alright. we worked decently well it was just a frustrating week because i always felt behind. we had the two divisiones and then a baptism interview this week. we finally got Dilan baptized. it was so good because i feel like him having to wait helped him to learn why it was important.

also dad we  have a family of investigators that has problems with the word of wisdom and one of the kids is really disrespectful to his parents do you have any ideas about how we could help them out. they have faced so many problems and are progressing really well with us they have a baptism date but still have a long way to go.

Im going to have changes tomorrow. i think im going to train again. I will let you know where i go next monday.

elder frica and i in divisions. this week really was a hard week we never got in a rythm to work really well we only had one good good day and im really excited for the opportunity i will have to work with a new missionary. I hope i do better on this one( not that i did bad on the first one but i hope i learn from the things we did.). but you know what my district leader told me the first kids always turn out a mess and after that the kids just keep getting better and better. I wasnt sure how to take it becase im one of the older kids but oh well... i love you guys so much and im sorry my letters this week arent that great i will have good stories to tell you guys next week. and i will send pics with my new comp and my new house!

Elder Bocanegro had to get two screws. 
Dilan's baptism
 Camila and her baptism last week! and also we went to the visitors center with Dilan and took this picture in front of the temple

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