Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

heeeey you guys!!!! I sure hope you have had a marvelous week because this last week was pretty good.i had a fun day today. so i will tell you about my monday first.

today. well it started with futbal and basketball in the morning. basketball was fun. and i can still dunk a soccerball on a 10 foot hoop off of cement so i dont feel to fat! then we played soccer too. i went for a ball and a columbian elder tried to jump my back leg i guess... i dont really know how it happened but i felt his leg hit mine he fell and broke his wrist.... but just a little he only needs a surgery to replace (repair?) the bone.. but it didnt break skin so it wasnt that bad... but yeah thats how my day started. then we went to the disneyland of mexico. its called tepito and its the 2nd biggest market, black (flea?) market in the world. i love that place i bought some new soccer shoes because my other ones got holes in them and the costed 20 dollars. and i got a watch for $150 yep im keeping up with cristian other that $150 aqui es como $14 alli... hahaha but seriously that place is so cool i can buy anything for super cheap. its like the internet but better! then we went to the hospital to visit elder bocanegra he has to stay overnight for the surgery. ya it was a bad deal.

yesterday we baptized a girl i feel so happy for her she has had a hard last few weeks and instead of asking why or doubting the things we taught she just got ready faster. and was so happy her aunts and her uncles were all crying. it was a good day. then in the night i went to cv with dylan it was great. he is doing better and is a little more focused in this weekend.

saturday. we had a good day. other than it was one of those days that we were running late to everything. i hate those days. but we worked hard and in the night we talked with one of the recent convert families about temples and ordinances. it was so great i think my favorite part of my mission is talking about eternal families and inviting people to prepare to go some day.In the night we went to eat tacos with an hermano de la capilla to eat tacos they we so good i ate 12... oh and i ate one of tripe. thats what the call intestines in a taco. it was pretty good just really chewy like rubber. but i managed to get it down.

friday. we had zone confrence. it was pretty good. we had to sit in a capacitation for 4 hours it was so long but it was really good i learned a lot of things i can apply in my area to help the work out. then we got home and ate went to an appointment and it rained on us pretty good. i love the rain here because the next day after in the morning the air is clear and you can see the city made me think a lot of an how rain is like repentance it cleanses us when we arent pure and makes us see clearer.

thursday we just worked hard andhad a good day and  wednesday and tuesday were the same. i have had a sweet week. and i am loving life i have changes in a week. tenemos cambios la proxima semana martes. y estoy muy feliz aqui solo muy consado hoy. tuvimos un dia loco. se que la iglesia es verdadera, el libro es azul y jesus es un mormon! jaja

les amo y extrano mucho pero estoy aqui con personas que amo tambien, ustedes son una familia maravillosa que tengan una semana buena con todo mi amor y tambien mama voy a ser muy franco con usted todo es acerca de divertiendome aqui que les vayan bien y que dios esta con tigo cada uno de ustedes!

elder jenson

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