Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

hello family. well today was quite the day. and its fitting after this great week.

first off the week. tuesday. it was a really great day. we worked our cans off and had alot of lessons in splits. it was a great week for finding people to teach and we have a baptism date for the end of this month. im really excited because alberto seems so interested in the gospel and our lessons. its been quite the week to see what we have been able to do as a district. this week everyone had a bunch of lessons and Santa Isabel Tola had their first baptism in over a year! which was quite the experience the man that got baptized was so ready and has such a great testimony.

 I had a pretty great experience this week too. i passed by some of our investigators and they were outside their store playing football in the street and so we started playing catch. well it caught some peoples attention. and they came over and started talking to us. so we shared what missionaries and what the church is for  about 30 minutes and got a new investigator. who seems really excited to talk with us and is a really family centered guy. but i can honestly say i never though that playing catch would help me contact a new investigator.

And last but not least today pday i got the chance finally to play golf with president and 6 other elders. it was fun. the first 9 holes i was in presidents group and it was ok but two of the people in our group hadnt played before so we taught them how. then president and the 5 elderes. went home and it was just elder easter and i. Just so you know elder easter played golf in byu hawaii. so being a humble jenson just like my dad taught me i started talking a little before we played the last 9. and this was after i just looked terrible swinging a club for the first time in 11 months. so we started playing and i can honestly say this is the hardest course i have ever played. the fairways are really narrow and the greens are fast. but some how we played equally terrible and shot a 49 which i dont feel to bad about cause this course was really dificult. but we had a good time.

im so greatful to have such a great family your the best one i coulda asked for. and dad thanks for the advice. i feel better about my situation now. i love you all tons have a great week!

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