Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

First off savy that shot was freakin sweet and second off i couldnt believe my eyes when i saw those dividers i felt like i was back in vegas. well this week was an interesting one but i was pretty happy about everything.

The BAD. i think its always better to start of with the bad news for the week. well i got sick again this week. i ate some chicken tacos with fanta and it tasted a little funny both times... thursday i couldnt work because i threw up and had a fever all day. i was in divisions with elder easter and we had just finished a decent day. then we got some chicken tacos and at about two in the morning i jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom got the door open and just lost it.... yeah it was a  mess and i cleaned it up but you know life is life. round two happened around 4 and wasnt so bad. also i got athletes foot or something that looks like it. it was a pain in the pie. ;) but they never said it would be easy just worth it...

The MIDIOCRE news well Im getting changed. its been a great seven months. and i have gotten to know and made some great friends in this area im going to miss a lot of people. but i have been here a long time and am ready for the new experience i will have to work in a new area. to make some changes personally in this time and hopefully help some others to come unto Christ.

And THE GOOD:) well this week was filled with so much good that the bad is just funny. first off i had the chance to go in splits with the zone leaders. We worked super hard in their area. and i felt the spirit so strong in so many lessons. we went to a house of less actives that they had never been to before and knocked the door. an old man came to open the gate and we asked if he had some time he said that right now no but another time it would be ok. well i was doing all i could to keep the dam from breaking... so i asked" well can i use your bathroom i really gotta go!" he looked a little surprised but told me to come in. so i went in and used the bathroom. it was a blessing because i wouldnt of made it to the zone leaders house. when i came down my companion also had to pass to the bathroom and so i started talking to the old man and an old woman. and asked how they came to be members. they told me they werent... so the game began... i asked if i could share a little of what we teach and the old man said no. so then i started talking to the old woman and she was a mother of 7 and 5 of her kids are members. so i started right in on the plan of salvation. she shared some doubts of the plan after we die. in the end she seemed pretty excited to learn about all of what we had to teach. it was really cool!

the GOOD continues. This week we also had two other investigators accept baptism dates for the 29th im so excited they are all improving so much and love what we are teaching. then we have a whole other family that just moved in. and they are a mom and her two children a boy and a girl. and they came to church.! speaking of church this sunday we had 95 people in the church thats a lot for my little branch and i dont think it could have been a better leaving sunday. i love these people they are the greatest!

well today i have to get packing and say good bye to some of the families. hope you have a great week and that youre all well.

lots of love and amor;)

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