Monday, June 30, 2014

June 23, 2014

well dad this has been a very interesting week. first off it has rained a ton. and i mean a ton. 3 of the nights we had a river that filled the street across from my house, its been a pretty fun week. also we found a new family to teach and i am super excited to visit them. one day we went to an area where there is a little more money. and we went to look for an invesitgator. to get there we had to pass through a gate that only the members of the area can open. my companion asked, as we entered, my companion asked hey what if theyre not home how do we leave? i said there are 25 other conduminiums im sure one of them will let us out. and of course they werent home and befor we went to knock the door this little chubby kid says hey are you catholics? we laughed and started talking. obviously he realized i looked a little different and talked kinda funny so he tried to talk in inglish. it was hilarious but he knew more english after one year of learning than i knew in one year of spanish and he was 10. so after a little his aunt left and said that we could talk to his mom in a few minutes. and when she came out to talk we had a great talk about what we teach and who we are. she is really excited about youth organizations in the church and tonight we are going to a family night with here and a ward mision leader. (who by the way is an ex 70 and an ex mision president. i love my ward!)

as for your question. there are alternating times. sometimes my mission feels really social. and its great i feel like i have made some great friends here in the mission. but i really like it more when its spiritual. i feel good about the work i did when we have a day filled with good lessons. i know it cant be everyday. if it was there wouldnt be any failure in the mission. but the spirit is a great feeling . especially when you can share it with someone else.  and intensity idk. also in moments. when people progress i feel such a great need to spread this gospel. but when we have failure its hard sometimes to feel really excited to go out and share these things. i have times when i doubt my self and my spanish and its hard to have faith that they are going to except and learn from someone that doesnt speak that well or has dificulties in teaching. but then there are the times when i am down and something great happens usually a good lesson or a good contact. and i feel so great about everything.

im glad to hear they are stepping up the bar. i really think it will help future missionaries to be good missionaries. or at least those who take advantage of the time they have to learn i know i would have been a lot better off i i would have read all of the old testament before my mission all of the bible really. but i have learned to do those things here and its helped a ton. its really interesting. lately i have had a lot of conflicts of the church cross my mind. and not so much big things the more trivial things. one of the questions biggest here in mexico would be well jesus no dijo nada de eso porque ahora. its really interesting to view it as other people and then view it with a belief in a modern profet that recieves revelation from god. its great to know that we have the privelidge to have a profet in these times.

and well this week was great that first story was the highlight. it was kinda a slow week but im looking forward to picking things up this week love y'all tons!
 happy birthday this wednesday mom your the best mom in the whole world. but really. love you so much!

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