Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

haha dont worry criss cross life goes on! but i will say im a little sad for you.  derek thats awesome im so glad to hear about your experience. and im sure i will be calling you elder derek a. jenson some day;) haha and why are my little siblings so big? savy is not even close to 30 why is she wearing make up? and i will say im a fan of the lime green socks jax, jordan is too cute, and jacob pretty much boss status on your work status!

well just gonna give you a quick run through of this week. first off we have had like three new families move into our ward and they all live really close together. its been fun getting to know them. one of them we got to know is named olga. and olga lives on the fifth floor of here building. and one day it was raining, and her bed frame was out side. so we went over and helped her take it upstairs. nothing makes you feel outta shape like hauling a wet wooden bed frame up 5 stories haha it was a great service project and i counted it for my exercise that day. 

also we have had a little rough patch with investigators. our beloved contact carolina just told us that she was going to have to wait about 2 years to get baptized. and it made me really sad. but at least i know she will have help and that the seed we planted was a good one. and its nice to know that the ex 70´s family lives in the next block and are good friends with her.

on the bright side well we have been working with members active and inactive. and its been going alright, we have had a little retention. so thats always  nice. 

this last week was the hermanas birthday and it was a fun little diversion. we ate some cake and sang to her. it went really well. and everyone there had fun!

hmmm highlight of studies this week has for sure been a movie about jesuscrist. its word for word the whole book of matthew. and its great to be able to see how he dealt with problems. im problably going to finish tomorrow. but so far thinking about the parables and how they apply to me and how i can apply some teachings better. 

that was basically my life, oh and we killed another rat last night it was kinda exciting. the hermana was scared so bad. but we got it done

love you guys lots and wish you all to have a great week! your the best love you all!

Well the second rat didnt fair much better this was last night

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