Monday, August 4, 2014

July 28, 2014

wow thats awesome she shot a pimp and i thought i met cool people! it sounds like everything is going great up there and that you are doing better i miss salt lake. and dont worry about the email this is great.

well this week was slow. not sure how else to but it. i really just am hoping for a better next week. we did have two kinda funny contacts though this week. one my comp was getting back from a leadership training and the zone leaders were talking to this girl coming out of the metro. and so she leaves and we decided we should head back to our area a little while later, right before we left our zl tels us to contact her if we see here by our convi, so we walk over and guess who was sitting in the convi. yep her, so i sat by her and we talked about the book of mormon and the church, and she said we could come over and teach her and her family this week some time! she seemed pretty interested, and had some friends that had served missions so i think we can have some good talks. the second was friday, my comp and i were walking over to some less actives house, he told me, we have 10 minutes until the lesson lets go explore over there and contact some one, so we walked over to this dead end street and a lady that was on her way out from her house stopped the car and rolled down the window, and then she says you guys speak english right and of course we responded yes, then she told us that she would like to talk to us sometime and told us where she  lived.

well also got up to 4 km this week yeah im getting there. haha

i  love you guys tons have a great week! ttyl!

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