Sunday, September 7, 2014

August 25, 2014

wow you guys are doing awesome things back there im so glad to hear that! also super impressed that you made it through a three hour party i know that the lord blesses the families of the missionaries.;) so this week was kinda a fun week. 

i have to say the best day of missionary work was definately when i went in divisions with the zone leaders. so i was with good ole elder fike. in his area. and to start off no one was home. so we started knocking games. and we played the word game. it was so funny. the words we were using were just plain silly for the most part. but the strange thing is it was really efective. like 5 of the doors we knocked gave us appointments the next day. and it helped me realize that people are alot more accepting when we are warm friendly and creative about how we share the gospel. 
oh and also that day i ate demasiado. for lack of the word in english. first good sized sandwiches. second sandwiches again at 6 then at 7 all the waffles you could ever eat. it was brutal. i almost threw up after the waffles. and not cause the were bad;) 

so as for my area. we visited some less actives and it was good. its been kinda rough with ivestigators lately if only they were as atracted to me as the mosquitos... and i think the grand total for that day was 46 bites. it was brutal. but you know i just gotta find the groove and we will get some more people to teach. 

ok other highlights of the week well church was awesome! and i have learned that sometimes its just best to make the best of a situation. but we really did have a good sunday.

we had an fhe last monday that was aweosme. other than half of the people didnt show. but the spirit was really strong we talked about how christ is our foundation. and how we need to pray to not be tempted more than we can handle. 

well that was my week. it was really good. im happy and glad you guys are too. i love you all so much and wish you a good week. 

ps. i can honestly say i left some blood and skin in mexico haha! 

elder jenson

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