Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 21, 2014

why are people so stupid i dont understand. i think that its good im out here or bodies would show up in the creek mysteriously... its so lame that some people act so childishly because they have nothing productive to do with their lives. sigh. ok im good now. Im so glad to hear that your taking everthing so well. and that you can still shoot the lights out. i on the  other hand cant really do anything. im awkard at soccer and my shot is gone, so even if your in a wheel chair when i get home  i will probably lose. but if we play monopoly you better watch out. ive become quite effective at buy and building! jaja so sounds like other that poop slinging chimpanzees life is going pretty great down there. lake powell looks like fun, but dont worry im having plenty of fun in the water, the rain is so beautiful! 

well this week wasnt to bad on this side either. i had some opportunities this week that helped me grow alot. and most of them revolved around a young family that was having some problems. the husband explained to us a little about what was going on in the family and his concerns about possible divorce. and then asked us for our opinion. well as 19 year olds never having been married we shied away from ansering right away. but said we would come back later and talk about how things could get better. so latter that day we headed over to the second counselors house. and he talked to us about marraige and how its a give and take. he also explained the importance of being a provider for our families, and making sacrifices for them. it was an incredible talk. and really helped me understand a little bit more. we came back to talk to the young family and explain the family in the plan of god. the spirit was very strong as we explained about the gift god gave them in their little girl. in the end they decided to try and work harder for each other. and our prayers are with them to make it through  this hard time.  

this sunday our bishop made the comment to us that the mission is worth 15 years of life experiences. because for two year, more than 700 days we are here just in gods work, and all we do is talk to people, and so we get to learn alot. whereas a normal member that uses a sunday like we should use our days. and there are 52 sundays in a year.  the experiance i had this week confirmed that to me, and made me really greatful for the challenges i have faced here.

as far as investigators. well this week was hard. every lesson we had fixed was canceled, and we only had one good solid lesson. we taught the restauration to the best progressing investgator. and it was awesome. but then we never got to see her again this week. 

im pretty happy right now though. i finally am getting some good exercise. i started running and totally ran 3 kilometers every day... oh yeah marathons here i come! mom you cant make fun of me. and after running so much i have come to the conclusion that i could probably walk a marathon faster than i could run it...

well that was my week i enjoyed it im sorry to hear about the lame stuff but the good stuff sounds great. hope you have a great week i love you all so much and wish you the best !

elder Jenson

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