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Nov 17, 2014

and btw i will write next wednesday we will ahve p'day after changes.

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glad to hear that things are going alright over there, sounds like i might have to take savy for some ice cream when i get home. although i wouldnt be to concerned just tell her if she wants to live long and happy she has to listen to you guys its a commandment.jaja love you savy be happy all the time. im a little scared to come back home now that some of the children of my parents can use a gun....

Well this week went alright. first i had divisions with the zone leaders and it went really well ha i contacted one guy that had lived in the united states for 15 years. he was part of a gang in los angeles and spoke really good english. so hopefully he can keep listening to the missionaries. seemed more interested in speaking english than anything, but im sure he would be a good investigator. in my area everything has been pretty chill we have some investigators with fechas for 2 3 and 4 weeks from now stoked for that if i dont have changes this  next week. and my district is working great.

I also had the opportunity to interview an amazing girl whose parents arent members, she goes to my church so i have been able to know her story a l ittle. her parents are really against her being baptized and it actually caused her fecha to fall through, but she should be baptized this week, back to the point, she has had to make some really dificult decisions, all of her family drinks and goes to parties and she is with them and when they offer her drinks she says no i dont do that any more, not many twenty year old girls that are that dedicated, then she goes to church by her self quite often, and somtimes brings her sisters to the sacrament meetings. last saturday her dad wouldnt let her but she is pretty determined to get baptized in the next two weeks.

also stake confrence was this week and elder anderson spoke to us via satalite, it wasnt as cool as when he came but it was still a great message, and they talked to us about the importance of tithing temples and service, all the sacrifices that we have to make as members of the church which are really just letting god bless us.

mom and Dad hope you have a good week i love you tons. y a los demas de los hijos de mis padres, pĆ³rtense bien y espero que sepan que los quiero mucho!

con mucho amor elder Jenson ( cuando me preguntan como me llamo yo les digo elder Handsome. es muy chistoso cuando entienden un poco de ingles. bueno les quiero a la luna y de regreso.

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