Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov 18, 2013

ha ha im starting to think like you  i woke up this morning stressing about my new (assignment?) and all the challenges of training. i love my mission i love spanish and i love my old ward and new area. i had some awesome experiences in the last week.

This week we had a lesson with felipe on monday. and talked about his baptism. i gave some words of encouragement and explained how it would bless his family  in the future. he seemed to feel the spirit and under stand a little better he got baptized last friday.

tuesday was a difficult day for me because i found out  i really had changes and not just to the other side of my area. i didnt really get to say good bye to jonathan and the family of amelia before we had changes. so we got our new companions  and elder chacon told me that jonathan was out side and wanted to say good bye. it was a little emotional for me. after a short goodbye i went to my new house. we didnt get there till 8 in the night and didnt have a cell phone so president told us to stay home. we shortly found out that we didnt have a map either. so that has been a little bit of a trial. and we have a huge area. we are in the indios verdes rama. }

Wednesday was a little slow. we had a zone meeting and after that we looked for members. thursday was the same. slow and we walked a ton. i was so tired.

Friday was awesome. we had a training for all of the trainers and their children. and i was by the temple. and i saw logan lefevre he is doing great other than he just got his back pack stolen. but other than that. great. we talked for a while and had a good time. that night felipe had his baptism and for some reason he told the people who interviewed him that he wouldnt get baptized unless i did it so that night i baptized him it was good but he was a little confused because it was so fast. so after i explained the symbolism and the covenant he made and he seemed alot more content. it finished late so i stayed the night in vergel. i talked with elder chacon a lot about training everything is good between us we left on good terms and i had a great night.

saturday was slow and sunday i gave my testimony en our branch about missionary work and how we can work together. they seemed excited to have new missionaries.

today i played soccer and got blisters but i scored a ton of goals and we beat the locals. my new zone is really cool and next week we are going bowling. i cant wait to get to work this week and i have learned that when i speak with confidence i can speak with the spirit. hope you guys have a great week love you a ton
 elder jenson

ps. i excercise every day. i think i will lose some weight in this area because we have a ton of hills.  sorry no photos i just dont use my camera because i live in areas where it might get taken but i will bring it to bowling next week.

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