Monday, November 4, 2013

Nov 4, 2013

wow things sound like they are going pretty great at home! so glad to hear that! derek its so great to hear about your piano keep being a great example. savy keep playing hard and listen to dad! jacob dont get discouraged if you dont score offense wins games but defense wins championships. jaxon good job on the hat trick! and jordan just keep pushing on i feel the same way you do when i play soccer here! ja ja

well family everything was pretty good this week i learned a ton about the mexican culture this week which in some ways is good and in others not so much. this week was the week of the dead  in mexico which means that the 31, the 1st and the 2nd are all holidays. and there was a fiesta every night! it was insane! and here is my recount of the week.

Tuesday. we taught 8 lessons how crazy is that and i got to teach one in english wich was awesome! The lady i taught it to was a single mother of about 23 and we watched the movie about the scorpion that stung the guy from the seventy it started as a lesson of forgive ness but turned into a lesson of encouragement for here to raise her kid the spirit was so strong in the room.

wednesday. we did so many service projects this day and it was a great day too. we had a fhe with Jonathan and his mom it went great and  it was the first one they had done as a family its so great to watch Jonathan grow in the church!.

halloween... well this was one of those days that i learned somthing. we went to this new investigators house and he invited us to eat cake. so being polite we ate the cake. it was really good. and we talked to him about the traditions in mexico for the days of the dead because neither of us are from mexico. he explained all about it and we had a good time talking with him. after we got done talking we went to mutual with jonathan and some of our investigators and my companion felt really wierd.. so we asked jonathan what this type of cake had in it. it turns out that this cake... "derompope" the cake has alcohol. my companion was so wierd the whole night he was laughing about the dumbest things and then in the night he had a huge headache. it didnt really affect me but it was one of those ooops! moments. we didnt eat any more cake for the rest of the week.

friday. we had an awesome capacitation about how we can work with members better our mision president taught it. he falls  me well ha ha things in spanish are so wierd to say in english. but anyways yeah it was a good day. we were late to everything and my companion had some small after affects from the day before.

saturday. well we had a pretty good day nothing really cool happened saturday. other than it was the last day of parties. we went back to our house early and all was good.

sunday. we had a good fast sunday. and it was my first time ever bearing my testimony completely in spanish. i couldn´t talk very well for some reason but i felt the spirit so strong. so i got up and bore my testimony. and after we had two lessons before comida it was terrible. but for some reason when i teach i'm never hungry in the night we had a fhe with the familia fuentes and the familia de jonathan. it was awesome. we watched john tanner and talked about the law of consecration. it was good!

today.. well we had an activity of our zone and we got together and played some games it was a blast. ilove being with all of our zone they are bien padre... mexican for really cool... sothat was my week

hope you guys have a good week your always inmy prayers. i love you guys so much.
cuidense mucho :P te amo
elder jenson

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