Monday, November 25, 2013

Nov 25, 2013

well family it sounds like you are all doing great which is great to hear. well just so you know dad im not getting fat any more these hills are ridiculous in my area. and its worse because all of the people we visit are at the tippy top of the mountain. i dont think i have ever been as tired as i was this week. between training and trying to find people to teach it was a tiring week. but im having a blast my companion is from monterrey and he is a little chubby. he was a cop before his mission and also worked as a chef but hasnt cooked anything yet... there is deffinately something wrong with our companionship... haha but really i have loved my new area. and this week i streghthened my testimony just about as much as my legs... really you dont even understand these hills are crazy...

during this week i strengthened my testimony in alot of diferent ways. one was by reading. our mission president gave me the goal to finish the book of mormon before diciembre in spanish. this week every night before i went to bed i read for about 40 minutes right now im in alma chapter 24 or close to that. its been a real strength to me to read the stories of alma and the sons of mosiah. they had so many aflicciones. and they dealt with all of them with patience. which helped me a ton as i went through this week. i also learned the lord can bless me when i give just a little more than i think i can. on tuesday night we came back home at about 7 15 because all of our appointments and people we were looking for were not home and we had an appointment with the lady that owns our house.. so we were sitting at home and all of the sudden i had the impression to search our area book one more time and our list of members close to our house.i searched diligently and marked all of the members that are in our area of the rama. i found three houses in our street of old investigators that we had searched before and they werent home and had the feeling we should go and look for these people. so we left to look for these people and found two new people to teach. it felt so good to finally catch a break in this week.

ok quick up date of the week

tuesday.. climb hills
wednesday.. climb hills
thursday.. climb hills
friday.. climb hills
saturday... climb the other hills in san isidro its a little bit mor sketchy there and also the golf course is over there... but i cant golf there because its a private club... oh sad sad day.. but we also had a fast this day and we climbed hills all day fasting. it was crazy but i felt great the whole time i fasted i was only a little thirsty after walking all after noon.
sunday. was just a nother normal day. we met with our first counselor after church it was good.
and today we went bowling it was awesome. i went with elder bowler ( yes thats his name but very ironic) and with his companion and with elder frica and elder ioane. he is a huge samoan. its great.

its been a good week i hope you guys have a good one! cuidense mucho les amo
elder jenson
finishers wanted! 10th frame...ouch

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