Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Well this was one of those learning weeks. it started off with our investigator postponing the baptism until this week. Then i had an aweful week of searching houses for the new missionaries that are going to come to our area.  My companion and I struggled a bit that day. and so i got mad after a long day of searching the houses without success. It was a really hard day with only one lesson and a ton of walking. the next day was the same.  then our lider de zona left for home. so our other one elder Villalobos came and stayed with us for the last few days. he has been a good friend for me the last few days because I learned a lot from him we laughed a lot and i feel a lot more confident about everything. and i learned that i could speak spanish with an italian accent and it was so much fun.

Which is really good because i have been called to train and open an area. Im going to receive a new companion tomorrow how crazy is that! im super excited for  this opportunity and also a little scared but not like scared como tengo miedo mas como no siento preperado en mi espaƱol y tambien en mi enseƱanzas(Not frightened, but inadequate because of my language progress and ability to teach). but im not that worried because i know that whatever i lack, if im diligent and try my hardest have the spirit in our companionship then he will learn what he is supposed to.

ok thats all the cool news i have for right now. but i want to share one more experience that i had this week. this thursday that passed i learned about prayer. first my companion lost all of his money for the month... yeah it was bad and we couldnt find it so i said a prayer and what do you know 15 minutes later i found the money in the book of mormon he was going to give away to an investigator. second. was the house... i hated looking for the house... and tuesday and wednesday we had no luck and we searched hard. and the same thursday we went to search again and i said wait we need to say a prayer ( this was after the money experience) my companion said ok what ever you want. and so i prayed that we could find a house. we found a new house to rent in thiry minutes. i know that these two experiences i had were to remind me that even when we have little problems if we ask with faith we with recieve help no problem is too small to ask for help with.

I love you guys so much and look forward to writing you guys every week. Its so great to hear about all of the blessings our family has and it was funny to hear about a dryer because no one down here has one. alot of the families dont have washing machines too. its wierd that washing clothes by hand isn't a strange concept for me anymore. this week our water heater for our water bucket broke so i had cold showers all week. cold showers in november my favorite ha ha but i cant complain too much because i never was tired this week. oh and Jonathans birthday was yesterday! thats all the fun stories i have for this week
cuidense mucho, les amo
Elder Jenson

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