Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

ha ha thats so great. dont worry about savy she didnt walk home from the gym so she is not quite me yet ha ha but  its good to hear that things are fun at home. i will admit i have had many thoughts of home sickness this week because i have been away for so long but still have a lot to go and i was frustrated because we had a bad week. but alot of fun things happened this week i think that added to my frustration. it was hard that i was having fun but we werent doing very well because it felt more like a vacation then i was on a mission and this week was really slow.

but i will give a quick update.
tuesday. we had a district class and if i remember right divisions were this day too. i was with elder ioane in the night of the virgin guadalupe. it was a good break to talk english and about football we talked for a long time that night and then in the morning we jammed out to songs sung by samoans it was a good division that ended short so we are going to do them again tomorrow. im really excited for them.

wednesday. i only remember walking a ton this day. we had like one lesson it was good but im not sure why but i felt a little off this week. we followed that up by looking for people to teach. and not having success oh the joyfulness in my heart from fallen appointments.

thursday we had a decent day. but it was the same story little succes and a lot of work.

friday. friday was a break we had the stake christmas party. and it was a blast i got to talk like a gringo in the skit we did. then we ate some good snacks at the end of the party.

saturday was ok it was just a little hard because it was the same story of one lesson. but we had a great talk with a less active sister to help her feel comfortable with coming back to the church. it was a good night. but a long day. oh and in the morning we smashed piñatas ha ha it was great!

sunday. we walked a ton after church and found a bunch of people to teach but i think the learning experience for me was that i was laying on my  bed after we ate in the afternoon and felt like i just wanted to take a nap. i was just thinking why not im tired and we arent going to teach anyone and as soon as i thought that i was like i need to get out of bed and just work. we headed out to find someone to teach...we didnt teach one lesson....but we found 3 new people to teach. it was great to get a little insentive for getting out of bed and going to work.

today. well i made pancakes in the morning with a family  it was a blast. then we went to the walmart to buy some stuff. it has been a good day.

well that was my week  it was a good one just slow but dont worry i have pictures.

one quote i liked that our branch president had in his office was "el que no vive para sirvir no sirve para vivir" it made me laugh

hope you have  a great week love you tons hasta luego!

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