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December 9, 2013

ok in my defense before you all try and kill me i wrote a letter last monday but being a considerate son that loves his family i thought oh i will wait till after the food we eat to send you guys the letter with pictures of the family we ate with. ha ha we ate at 4 and didnt finish until after six so after the following paragraph i hope you will understand why i didnt send anything. so this week you get two letters

Las palabras finales de esa nota se centran en la obediencia a la ley de Dios: “Si desea regresar a sus seres queridos con la cabeza erguida… si usted desea vivir una vida abundante— entonces observe la ley de Dios. Al hacerlo, puede sumar a las valiosas libertades que usted se esfuerza por preservar, otra sobre la cual las demás podrían depender, la libertad del pecado; ya que en verdad, ‘la obediencia a la ley es libertad’”

del discourso de L. tom Perry "la obediencia a la ley es libertad"

dad i found this while i was reading in one day. it strikes me especially hard right now as im away from my family. i have had many challenges out here that were unexpected. right now training has pushed me to just about all of my limits as i try and guide my companion and be an example. opening the area has been dificult but i have learned a ton in my personal studies. i think the christlike attribute i have obtained most in the last two weeks is pacience. my companion laughs in our lessons when i struggle with my spanish. which when i began training made me mad, and i lost confidence when i talked. but over the last week i have learned to take another route to deal with this. when he laughs i wait for him to correct my grammar and say thank you. it helps me stay focused. and keep the spirit in the lessons. we have come in contact with some new investigators this week and after starting with nothing i have been especially greatful for every lesson we have.

I am especially greatful for my family. i have read alot from liahonas in the last week every night i prepare for bed by reading 4 or 5 stories from the liahona a lot have been about families and that they are ordained of god. one of them was in august of 2011 it talked about strenght of families.

ok well here is a quick up date. this week was a little bit better in my area. we have been visiting the less actives for the most part but we are starting to get more investigators which is a blessing because i dont get any references. i got to eat chicken foot soup this week. it was a little wierd because to eat the chicken foot you had to suck the skin off the toes. ha ha but it was really good.

this week we had a pretty normal routine everyday so nothing really great happened until the weekend.
Saturday. we had to teach mutual with the young mens and young womens group we taught about different traits of missionaries and in the end we did an example of the atonement of jesus christ. it was the one where one person does pushups and the rest get to eat chocolates. i did the pushups and in the end the total was around 195. i was dying. i cranked through the first 120 but the last sixty took all i had i was exahusted. i finished and sat back on the table as i tried to explain john 3:16-17 it was really a spiritual moment some of the leaders cried and i felt like we got the message across

sunday. well i woke up and im not sure if  i have ever been so sore in  my whole life. my whole upper body hurt from the pushups the day before. but when we got to the church we had two of the less active families that we visited in the church. it was so good. elder frica and i taught the lesson in principios del evangelio. it was so good and in the end one of the hermanos that we visited gave the final prayer and started crying later talking with him i found our that today was 7 years that his mom had died. he was over come with the spirit and felt the need to change to be a better dad. it was an incredible experience.

monday. well today we went to the centro the main square in mexico city. it was so nice to see some nice things. i love my area but its a little ghetto. we had a great dinner but i had to eat mushrooms you guys would be so proud of your little missionary eating all of his least favorite foods....

ok this is the past week. tuesday let me see i walked a ton because we couldnt find anyone else to teach. and we had a class of district and ate a ton of pizza it was so good. ( for mexican pizza they dont put tomato paste on their food how wierd ) but that was sweet.

wednesday i totally had a shadrac mishack and abendigo story. ok in the mornings we have to turn on the boiler to have hot water. so it was my turn. we have kind of a crappy boiler so sometimes it doesnt start right when i want it to. so i tried the first time and got it started but for some unknown reason it turned off. so i changed it back to pilot and started it up again. only this tim i was greeted by a fireball that engulfed my whole hand part of my arm and got close to my face. i jumped back more scared than in pain but i know that when you get burned your skin only hurts a little before the blisters form. I really didnt want to look at my hand but after about 40 seconds i forced myself to. miraculosly there was thothing there. no blisters no serious burns and not a single hair in sight hahaha. i said a quick prayer of thanks that i didnt have any injuries or serious burns. after that we worked a normal day. it was good.

thursday. we walked like normal i dont really remember very much about thursday. but it was a good normal missionary day.

friday. we had a zone confrence from elder benjamin de hoyos de la setenta it was great. he taught a little about how we can work better with members and how we can be better missionaries  more or less. after we had divisions and i was with an elder whose name is elder frica. he is a negrito de dominican republic he is a riot to be with he is my district leader. it was good to have a break from training. we worked hard and testified well with each other.

saturday. this was one of those days where i realized two things. im not the smartest cookie sometimes when it comes to exercise. and second that my body is definately in missionary condition. in the morning i went running with elder frica i think it was like a mile and a half. and when i got back i was feeling really really good. so we had a good morning of studies and we got to work. we started by looking for the house in bolanos cacho #8.


in my area the low numbers are in the bottom of the hills. with this we can start our story.and they number their houses terribly here in mexico.
so i started looking for this house in the bottom of the hill we walked up the street and knocked on a door. a young woman opened the door and we asked if brian and kevin lived here. she said no so we asked if it was house number 8 she said yes it was but that in this street there are 2 number 8s ok. so we said thanks asked her if we could share a message with her and her family and she told us to come back next week thursday.

so elder frica and i started our journey to find the second number 8 in the street. we had to walk around a  school and almost two thirds of the way  up the mountain. panting we arrived at the second house. we knocked the door and a man answered i was overjoyed that he was in the house. so we started talking and we asked if brian and kevin were home they are like 16 and 14. he said that they didnt live here and asked what the address we had was. so i said number 8 of this street. he laughed and said here is the thing in this street there are 3 different number 8s and kindly  told us that we could find the third one almost at the top of the hill. i said thankyou offered that we could come and share a message with him and he agreed and gave us his number.  and we were on our way.

we found the third number 8 at the top of the hill just like he said we would. i was so tired. we got their and knocked on the door and what do you know it was the house of brian and kevin. but they werent there. oh how discouraging that was. we talked with a man in the house and he said we could comback another day and talk with him his family and brian and kevin. we walked back down the hill a little discouraged, and extremely tired. i ended up climbing to the top of the mountain 2 more times and when i got home my feet hurt bad. i will send you a picture that will explain why.
 when i got home i realized that in our search of brian and kevin we had found like 6 new people to teach and in my prayers i gave thanks for the chance i had to do a little extra work. it was a great experience to show me that with trials come blessings it was a great learning experience.

sunday was good i got to listen to the broadcast with a family we had a great night and watched the testiments with and investigator after.

and finally today. i played soccer and the gringos whooped the mexicans it was a great feeling (this because the gringos are underdogs... there should probably be an effort to integrate cultures rather than separate and compete against, but we'll see how the rest of the mission goes.). im deffinitely the best gringo but compared to the mexicans i look like a big lurpy white kid trying to play with all of th
e fast little black kids in vegas. it was really fun and we got to play a little basket ball to so i cant complain.

i had a good week. i love you guys and if you could send me the card with my patriarchal blessing it would be wonderful. i love you guys and hope you have a great week tty in a week!

with love and christmas spirit in great abundance
elder jenson

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