Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013

hey well it sounds like its been pretty hectic around there. jordan hijole be careful! and its great to hear about all of your great accomplishments. this was a week that i learned a lot from. and i had some wonderful experiences.

tuesday we went in divisions. i went with elder Ioane again and we worked our tails of in his area. we taught three lessons and we brought two other young men from the branch give them the opportunity to experience missionary work. we had an awesome night. i felt like i was with three brand new missionaries and really all four of us could be considered new missionaries. but we had the spirit with us while we taught. one of the lessons one young man shared his testimony of the atonement. and the other talked about the strength that preparing for a mission gave him. i know the less active miembros enjoyed our message. but what we gained more than anything in this night was that these two young men were excieted to go on a mission. derek if you have the opportunity to go with the missionaries before your mission GO! it was great i wish i had the opportunity to go before my mission. but that was tuesday,

miercoles. we finished divisions and i was back to walking up and down hills all day. we taught two lessons this day and the hermana solano had to go to the hospital because she had som hernias. it was a pretty good day.

thursday. we went to the top of both hills in our area this day to look for refrences. and you know what happend we didnt teach one lesson but asi es la vida if you know what i mean dad. we did find a new family to teach and i want you to look for there house. the live in a wood house at the end of the street tanque II. it was so cool to finaly find a full family to teach this will be my first one.! we also taught a lesson in the night with an investigator about the word of wisdom. and this woman from the time we started teaching her said im catholic and i was born that way, and i  plan to die that way. This lesson her heart was softened. she explained feelings of joy of how the church had changed her childrens lives and that little by little she wanted to change. it was an awesome night and her daughter who was in the lesson with us was super excited when we talked with her after.

friday. WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!!!! and it was great im so glad i have been here for 4 months because i could understand everything. we had an activity after and had a talent show it was a riot! all of the fun ended at about 3 and we went to work after that. mainly inviting people to our christmas activity saturday which was great.

saturday. in the morning we went to tanque 2 and visited the family we had a good lesson on the restauration. and they were very excited with what we taught other than the whole no worshiping the virgin guadalupe. but after we talked for a little while they were ok with that too. after that we talked with a family that im pretty sure is like a mofia family. but i will explain mor about them when i know them better. and in the night we had our ward Christmas party. it was great fun and we had some investigators in the church.

sunday. we went to church. and after church we went caroling with the youth. everyone we visited cried becuse the spirit was there strong. i was so greatful for our chance to do service with the youth it was a blast and we visited like 8 families. 4 or 5 in tola and 3 or 4 in san juanico. my area.

hope that you guys have a great week again im going to try and call you with skype wednesday if you guys could have your emails open at around one that would be great so that if we have a problem we can work it out. love you all so much and thanks for the advice dad i know i need to do better at writing. have a wonderful christmas.!

elder jenson
I think he forgot what country he was called to.

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  1. Thank you for keeping a blog! My son Elder Adam Treu is also serving in the same mission and I enjoyed reading the posts! I think they must have gone to the temple the same day. Adam has only been there for 3 months and said he didn't understand everything, but learning. I guess the temple will be closed on Jan 3, 2014 for 1.5 years for renovation! Lucky they got to go. Look me up on FB - there is a national group Missionary Mommas I can invite you to if you are interested. Thanks again for sharing!! Jody Fisher Treu in South Jordan, UT