Monday, February 10, 2014

Feb 10, 2014

ok here it goes.

well tuesday was an interesting day. i really feel like i have been with my companion for a long time. i dont know how i will make it married. we have only been together for 3 months and i have to be married forever.. no im just kiddin things are going well for us right now. other than my companion is sick. he has been sick since superbowl sunday and its put a little strain on our work this week but here is what has happened.

we had divisions wednesday. this week and they were fun i was with elder ioane in my area. and we worked to gether well his spanish is really coming along. and then when we finished the day we played cards but not just any game of cards we played go fish. and if you thought i was an irresponsible reader go fish is way way worse. haha ok maybe not that bad but still time flew while we were playing.

we finished up divisiones thursday and this whole day just gave me a headache. which i give credit to my lack of sleep the night before. but all in all it was a good day we taught a few lessons and ate lasagna for lunch it was so awesome!

friday. well lets just say elder preciado was a little sick from about midnight until the end of the day. he definately clamed the throne this week.... but any ways oh happier notes we had good lessons and planned a lesson it the visitors center for saturday!

saturday.. well it all started in the hospital elder preciado had to go for a visit and got banned from basically all of the food in mexico it was hilarious he was a little mad when we finished. but then i saw some friends from the mtc in the mexico city south mission. then we went back to our area. taught a little and then went to the visitors center with family gonzalez they are the ones with my long lost brother. so we told the hermanas that we wanted them to talk about temples and families can live forever. so we went through the different ordinances in the temple and then we went to see the video about families forever. it was a touching video and i almost cried i will be honest. it reminded me so much about our family and had alot of parts that  showed the problems that we face as children and parents. it has little clips of a family growing up and in the end the daughter of the family gets married and when the young man that she was going to marry came in my brother turned to me and said hey look its elder jenson.. my companion one other son in the family and i couldnt stop laughing. it was so funny but we finished the video and talked to them about preparing to go to the temple as a family they accepted and it was a very special night. glad i was able to be a part of it.

sunday. well today i had to give a talk. and i will admit for the first time in my whole life i actually prepared. and i talked about home teaching and how if we want to be the lords people we needed to make sure that there were no poor among us.(moses 7:18) it went well.  it was a pretty good day too.

today i had to paint my apartment! and i did it like a boss with the help of my companion.

 its been a pretty good day and im getting ready for a hair cut. well have a great week and i love you all tons dont worry mom pics on the way!

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