Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb 17, 2014

this week was just one of those weeks that we got to work! and i was happy happy happy...

this last tuesday was fine we knocked doors and nobody let us in im starting to understand the value of members. oh and dad any tips for knocking doors? but we had a decent day.

wednesday was just good we had divisiones and i was in tola with elder frica it was an interesting day we did work the highlight lesson of the day was we tried to get into a menos acitvos house and she gave us every excuse in the book for why we couldnt come in and then elder frica was like hermana can i have a lime and she just said sure come on in and wait on the patio... success. we were in and there was  no stopping a lesson at this point.. we finished of the night i was tired he was tired and we went to bed fast.

thursday. we finally had lessons with all of our investigators. and it was a great day. we are teaching mainly little kids of less active family but its working and we are starting to have a little more success.

friday. i learned alot from friday. first off we had some good lessons including one in jacob chapter two. este capitulo es un capitulo construido para planchar la gente...but yeah it was a fun day and i had a good experience in the night. we were walking past a group of little kids and what looked like there mom and this little girl looks at us and starts saying" losers losers". so i turned to here and said" why are you saying losers" and this little kid turns to me and says" she is calling you guys losers" he actually spoke decent english so i turned to him and complemented him on his english and we were on our way.

saturday. we had a decent day and taught a few lessons. but the coolest is we were walking by a street and someone started whistling at us from behind like all of the drugged people do.. the wouldnt stop so i turned and said que paso, and what do you know it was the kid from the day before and he ran up and started talking to me and about how he lived in the united states. he told us we could visit him tuesday and just like that a new person to teach. so what i learned from this is that people are always looking to how we respond to different situations and if we do the right thing we have an impact on the people that see us.

sunday. well we had a baptism. it was freaking awesome. preciado got to do the ordinance i was so happy for him. but other than that it was a tough day i was sick all day with the curse of moctezuma... it started at 3 in the morning and just kinda continued throughout the day. ha ha oh well happens right.

monday today was freaking bomb. we went to centro today, my companion, i and 2 other companionships. we had a blast we ate chinese buffet for 5 bucks. and it was awesome. hopefully it doesnt make me sick again. i feel better after using my little friend pepto bismo... and we taught a lesson in the street i was with the two other american missionaries and we walked past two white  people and i mean blonde hair blue eyes white people and we just stopped and were like they speak english , they^re white they have to speak english so we talked to them and they were from london. they were great and had lots of questions about mormons and we pretty much taught them the first lesson. it was a good deal. and that was pretty much my day so far

well that was my week i hope you are having a good time back home i love you all so much have a great week and take care. love you all
elder jenson

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  1. Any e-mails sent to Elder Jenson this week might want to encourage the poor Elder to properly use, or omit words like "freaking", "bomb", or even "freaking". He needs all the help he can get, but he does sound very happy.

    Oh, and it is his birthday next Monday. little notes on e-mails might be appreciated.