Monday, February 24, 2014

Feb 24, 2014 happy bday!

well dad sorry but this letter will be a little short. and i want to answer questions. first off i sent coach thompson a letter and he never responded. second the package hasnt got here so dont worry but im sure it will get here sometime before christmas.. and other than that i have only a few things to say this week. first off i did service all week taking down a room of one of the members in our Ward the family that i called you on Skype from their house. it was an absolute blast we worked our tails off all week and now we are just about done with everything. it was quite a Project. second. i had an interesting experience today.

well we were in the metro its the subway here and we were on our way home from bowling i won again... ( well i got better at something in vegas.) and so we were in way to the house and this lady got on the train and started talking on the microphone and had her cd player. and started playing music because. i thought to try and sell some cds which is pretty common here.  i quit paying attention and started talking to Elder frica. the lady went the other direction and an old man called me over. he asked me if i spoke english and i said yes and so he asked me if i believe in the bible i said yes i do why. and he responded why didnt you give that lady money? i looked at him a Little confused and he asked me again why didnt you give her money she was begging for money why didnt you give  her some if you believe in the bible. i looked at him and said because i didnt know she was asking for money. and he started planchándome. about how i only talked the Word of god but i dont live it and a lot of other things like that and went on yelling like a crazy person for about how he lived the Word of god and i didnt. it was quite the experience. but it also gave me something new to think about i learned two things from this experience. first is if we judge others it leaves us looking pretty dumb. and second that i quit paying attention for about 5 minutes and let someone go that needed asistence and also made a bad impression on some one as a representative of christ i have to be paying attention always for those that need my help this was an important lesson to learn this week.

dad your letter was just the plancha que tenia la necesidad para escuchar. en esta semana ha sido difícil para poner atención a mi llamamiento y yo siento un poco como estoy en una rutina. Se que no debo sentir asi pero es difícil cuando yo he tenido el mismo compañero por los últimos 4 meses. no se que pasa pero tenia mucha flojera esta fin de semana sentí como todo va a pasar y que realmente no era tan importante para ser tan obediente. no se preocupe no estoy mal solo me ayudo para enfocar otra vez les amo mucho y les extraño un buen gracias por sus palabras y su amor

tengan una semana buena y papa gracias por su ejemplo y palabras  son de mucho valor ahorita en este semana!

oh y también fuimos a boliche hoy yo gane jaja tiene que practicar mucho o voy a patear su basura cuando ya regrese!

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