Monday, July 7, 2014

June 30, 2014

How crazy right! i cant believe that cristian is going home to join the mortals... this week was kinda lame and slow but some good things happened.

good news first.

well this week we had two lessons with the new family we are teaching. the said that they will go to church this coming sunday. and we had members in the two lessons with them. they are such a great family also that last monday in the afternoon she sent us a message that said that she would not be able to come to the fhe and so we went home and said a prayer that she could come with us and we went to her house. and she said wait im putting on my shoes and i will be ready to go. it was such a great blessing. after that we had a family night about prayer and the spirit was so strongthe mom shared with us in the family night that she said a prayer that she might find a way to get closer to god and then the next thing she new her sister was telling her that two young men wanted to talk with her outside. she is the best.

not so great news.

well as you probably all know mexico lost. and the last day here has just been depressing. everyone is so sad about the loss. its amazing how much this game means to these people. if all the members would have just gone to church they would have won. ok i know thats not why they lost but i feel like it had a hand in it;) this week was hard to work it rained cats and dogs all week. i thought i was going to need an ark to visit people. but in the few visits we had they were pretty good ones.

well thats my report from thisweek i will do more in the following week so that i can report a little more. i love you all so much and i cant believe that cristian is coming home this week you are the best family in the world.

and savy congrats on being the best camper,. and derek of course is the most talented person i know;)

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