Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014 1/2 way and the only Jenson in the field now!

well this week was a pretty good one. i was thinking of you guys all week and especially my big brother. Its still hard to realize hes home and that im still here in mexico. but its ok just one more quick year and i will be there laughing with you guys. and then we can ship off elder jenson 3.0 ha ha but i really am glad to have a great family waiting there in my house for me. and i guess i can start with the account of the week.

well lets see tuesday would be a great place to start off with. tuesday i had the chance to teach our investigator while in divisions with Elder Fike, from wyoming, and ya know what we talked about baptism with her and she accepted the challenge. we still have a lot of work to do but i know we can do it. the biggest challenge will be getting her married but i know if she is really looking for the change we can do it! also had a fun night and our family that we live with invited us to eat dinner and drink some atoli. it was fun.

wednesday. well let me see. we got rained on a ton and so we spent a lot of time with members. because almost all of our appointments fell through. but its ok this is kinda a hard time for me because it rains for hours and i feel like we lose a lot of time. i oft find myself thinking of the childs rhyme. "Rain rain go away please come back another day". but oh well this time will pass. time has gone by so fast in this area. i cant believe this is my fifth week in this area. i know decently where im going now and its getting a little better.

thursday. today was the winner of all days of rain. we were on our way to our meeting where we report to our ward mission leader. and one of the streets had 3 feet of water over it. and it was a 4 lane street. talk about traffic jam. it was ridiculous. and we didnt make it to the church. but niether did our mission leader. so we rescheduled for next week.

friday. it was a good friday. and we visited a few less actives kinda a normal day.

saturday. we got a new investigator. and she seems kinda like a fence sitter, but she will listen to us so at least thats something. also we had a family night with a family of less actives, and made lemon pie with them. it was pretty good stuff.

sunday. it was a good fast sunday. and we had a good day at church. then after it was a really slow day.

and today. i bought some brownie mix and i will send you pictures tonight! also got a great excercise in. trying not to come back in too bad of shape... but then again circle is a shape. so i guess im fine;=

well i miss you all ton welcome home cristian. thanks for your great example your an awesome big brother. hope you guys are safe and enjoying vacations! see ya all l8r! jaja bye

con amor,

elder jenson.

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