Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 14, 2014 Just past the year mark

1 year selfy.. Yep they get kinda weird as you will see below. He is doing a great job though, and he loves Mexico.
His bed is even made!

this week was pretty good. but like every week it rained a ton. so to start of the week it was a little slow. but i did the best to get more focused this week. everyday i got up and worked out pretty decently, no running so im still fat but now im fuerte-cito;) but i will run when i get a comp that will go with me. also studies this week were great. i studied the confrence talks and mosia 12 hasta 22 and it was awesome. abinidi is a great example of a missionary. and it was so easy to apply his teachings to me. one of the the things that i  liked best about his story is that he had little success, but he testified of christ with out fear knowing that death was imanent, he died with one convert but because of his pure testimony and unshakable faith his convert brought thousands to the gospel. i have been loving my studies they strengthened me this week.

also we had some good times, one day we were with and we played a game for references. and what do you know it worked. we are going to contact references tomorrow. i feel like we are going to progress more and more in this area every week!

oh and i had divisions with  Elder Gomez. an elder from the domincan republic. and we got some work done. and had one of the best days that we have had in a while. i miss being in charge but right now is my time to learn to be humble and learn from what my companion can teach me.

its so great to hear about all the good things that area going on back home! derek congrats on your eagle, music, being awesome. and cristian how is work going. now that its all easy;) youre probably loving the break. ok and all that went fishing please leave some fish in the lake i still wanna go when i get back!

im looking forward to having a great week hope you all have one too. i also am glad for pics from home love seeing you guys.!

I guess that is ok??  I didn't hear of any city
 blocks in Mexico burning to the ground so I
guess fires on the roof must be kind of normal?

At least we know he is eating well!!

Just kidding, he says the sister there is a very good cook.

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