Monday, September 23, 2013

Sept 23, 2013

To anyone who has written Brandon recently,I would guess he has written back to most, if not all of you.  He has had problems with his e-mail sending out e-mails.  Anyway, I just want you to know that he probably believes he sent you a reply and you haven't received it.  I don't know why, but be patient.  He really does love the notes from you.

Hey family sounds like moms doing great and every one else is doing great..... im forgetting something...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have now reached the best number, 10 thats awesome brother! ha ha well i will give you guys a little bit better update this week.

ok well i will start with the language. it is going a lot better... but my grammar is terrible ha ha. i think that the worst is everyday i do spanish homework... i think i have done more homework for spanish in the last two weeks than i did in all of my high school. but one thing that is great is i can understand so much better the language im starting to know where i am in my area. and most of all im learning how to have conversations. and i think my english is getting worse i tried to read in english today and i pronounced like 3 words like they were spanish... oh well i dont need that for 2 years;)

this week we went to the house of two women in our ward who are menos activos and my companion said ok you have the lesson im not talking for the next hour.... well it wasnt pretty but i got er done. we had a good lesson about FHE and i talked to her son who is not a member about how god can bless our lives. its was a good learning experience for me. also we have had an unusal amout of people that believe in reincarnation this week in our lessons.. its so hard to explain to people that god has a body of flesh and bones and that we are like him... I have learned a lot of patients this week. because i explain something and then its like they get it all and at the end say yeah i can see how that kinda works but god is still an energy.... in my mind i think lean not unto thy own understanding( proverbs 3:5) but i really do love all my investigators. they are all such good people. It was kind of funny i was walking down the road with my comp. and we were talking about how people just dont get it some times. And i said " I completely understand how my dad feels when he tells me that i need to do something and i dont do it because i think that im right. when in reality he knows what will make me happy. ha ah aha" we laughed about it for a little while but it was a learning experience for me.

I am having a blast down here. i really do love being a missionary. not watching tv is great, i feel like i actually acomplish stuff in day. Im a little sad about this week my trainer goes home this thurday and im not sure how i feel about it. its really weird.. i hope that you guys have a good week love elder Jenson

And keep going mom!!!!!!!

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