Monday, September 2, 2013

Sept. 2, 2013

well family here is my letter home. Jaxon Congratulations you are so awesome ! savy you're going through an exciting time i'm so happy you are such a good girl. and Jacob your almost the best number there is hang in there bud.

well what to tell about this week i think the first thing is i have been studying the Christlike attributes in p.m.g. and humility and diligence have really stood out to me. i try and be the best missionary i can but it is really hard when you don't understand the total gist of the story. in the past week i have been humbled more than any coach could ever humble his player. i have times where i don't understand anything that is going on or i have to pause in the middle of an extremely basic sentence because i don't know a word. but at the same time there have been a few, no more than 3 or 4, times where i actually felt like i spoke good sentences or could understand a whole conversation this week. and its those little moments that make it so i can keep going forward. i had  the awesome experience this week of teaching an investigator named jose luis. he is about 60 and has a wife and a daughter that both are members. he has been familiar with the church for 30 years and when we talked to his wife and daughter they said he would never be baptized. we taught him parts of the restoration and the plan of salvation over next hour and a half. i have never felt the spirit so strong in my life. i didn't say much in this lesson. i bore my testimony 2 or three times about different things. but it was an  incredible experience. he has a baptism date of the 22 of September.

ok now for the other parts of being a missionary ... i have come to terms that being a missionary means that people forget your appointments all the time. and also that the song i sang as a child "I hope they call me on a mission" in the chorus should have said to "WALK AND WALK AND WALK AS MISSIONARIES DO". not walk and talk and teach.... that's my chiste con mi companero (joke with my companion). but its really great to be out here. i have meet some amazing people that have shown me and my inadequacies more than enough love.

i live on Volcan paricutin in a white house with blue lines and a black door the house number is 102. (please only send stuff by e-mail or to the mission home address above.)

I have learned alot this week and am looking forward to the next one also tore a blister playing soccer today... so excited to walk on it. ha ha i really am having a great time out here its so cool the wards have like  100 people in them wich seems tiny compared to utah.. and when ever people ask me where im from the response is "utah the fabrica"(of missionaries) it usually gets a few chuckles. well i love you guys so much im glad i was raised in such a great family! sorry no pictures i dont have my camera.

Walk and walk and walk... NO.. played soccer... We taught him to play basketball and football because we knew he was too soft for soccer!!

Elder Jenson

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