Saturday, September 14, 2013

Just some newspaper topics

We thought it might be good to include some of the big news items of Mexico.  Right now there is a strike of 90,000 school employees which has over a million students out of school in about 7 states.  Many of the teachers went to Mexico City to protest and have been in Brandon's mission since the week he got there. If I read right, they had 3000 policemen break up their camp in a major plaza in preparation for some national celebrations.   He's about 6 miles from all the excitement.  Mexico is in the line of fire of hurricanes from the gulf and from the Pacific Ocean.  They found 12 youth who were abducted from a bar and killed because a couple of their dads were connected to a rival cartel.  They found the bodies in a mass grave on the east side of Mexico City.  They have also had a lot of people die from rain and flooding.  Other headlines include a concern of what connections they can make to understand the 600 disappeared people over the last 6 years.  The U.S. beat Mexico in Ohio this week to assure a spot in the World Cup.  I include this news because Mexico has the same struggles as a lot of places, but it is neat to hear how loving and patient the people have been to Brandon because of what the missionaries represent.  As we well know, there are many great people everywhere.  Some of these challenges bring out the best in many people and prepare many with a desire to better understand the Lord and the purpose of this life.  I include it because I hope Brandon is not too up to date on the details, and he better not offer any opinion on the subjects because of the great work he is involved in.  He seems to be loving these people and the gospel is needed in every home in the world.  I know last week Brandon went downtown so he was close to all of this last Monday.

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  1. Geesh! OK, I will increase my prayers! I was afraid to say anything about the US win in reference on the letter I sent! Boy, Faith is a key operative isn't it! But I still feel great about the ray of hope that the gospel brings in times of worldly turmoil.