Monday, September 9, 2013

Sept 9, 2013

well family its been another great week in mexico i have had some of the best experiences of my life in the past week. we can start wednesday. it was a discouraging day my spanish had been terrible, and it was raining like it does every day here. we were teaching jonathan he is 16 years old and had just barely told us he didn't want to be baptized. so we decided that we would follow up at the house of one of our recent convert families. we taught him the importance of reading the scriptures and praying to god. he said he had good feelings when he read and when he said this, for some reason i had an impression to ask him if he knew the book of mormon was true. so our conversation went like this...(in my broken spanish of course) jonathan do you know the book of mormon is true? he said yes. then i asked if he could feel the spirit when he was at church. he said yes. then i asked do you know that god is your heavenly father and that jesus is you brother who atoned for your sins? he said yeah i do. so i said jonathan you have a testimony and you know this church is true. so will you be baptized?

he responded by holding up two fingers and saying i have two questions... (in my mind i thought, "oh great i thought i just had the spirit tell me what to say and he still has doubts....") he continued on saying  when can i reset my interview and when can i be baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was the greatest moment i have ever had. until Sunday that is when i had the opportunity to baptize him. Talk about a great 3rd week. I have had many times this week when i was discouraged and thought why am i doing this? this is hard, its raining, i can't speak spanish to save my life. but the experience i had last night baptizing jonathan made all of that worth it. and i have a whole new respect for the joy we will have if we bring but one soul to know the truth. because i was grinning ear to ear last night and i knew without a doubt as his mom shook my hand with tears in her eyes that this gospel really does bless families. and it's given to us that we can have joy.

What a wonderful day, with wonderful people!

 pictured with more than my family it is amelia, elder figueroa, jonathan's mom Irma, jonathan me and amelia's daughter 

ok now for the less exciting part of the week i went to the "centro" today the huge center of mexico city and it was awesome i bought a new backpack. its more of a satchel but its new cause my other one broke. it was great be cause me and two other elders de north america were together and i heard the word "guero" so many times. its what mexicans call white people it was so funny. i got to eat tacos pastor which are the best thing on the planet i'm craving them just thinking about it. thats all the fun stuff i have today i will talk to you guys next week!

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