Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 7, 2014

wow you guys sound like life is going great... im sorry to hear about all that lame stuff. but you know how satan works he doesnt want us to be happy and wants us to feel bad about all the hard things that have happened to us. the talk yesterday about gratitude was a very inspiring talk to me. i loved how once again we were reminded that when we have problems or things get hard, it is the best time to give thanks. hard times seemed to be the theme of this week ha ha but thats how life rolls some times. ;) 

this week i hardly taught because i was in charge of taking care of Elder Easter. he got his apendix out the last week and then i took care of him this week. we had a great time together and i learned a lot from this week. so to start of we had a schedule of medicine that elder easter had to take. it was every three hours of the day and thats fine and all but at 12 3 and 6 in the morning it wasnt the best.  i was drained all week. then the other problem was that my house didnt have water from monday night until yesterday. that was great. so my house was a disaster and i had to go to another elders house to shower every day. so i got literally nothing done in the mornings studies were in the afternoon when we didnt have to run to walmart and buy some more drugs for elder easter. 

but on the bright side of things. i am super excited for this week. im ready to open my area right and get some people going. this last week had some of the most dificult times in my mission. but i feel like i could be a nurse after taking care of elder easter all week. haha i might have to change my last name to Focker.... ;) 

Confrence was amazing. i felt like i heard everything i needed to hear personally in this confrence. and it felt like every session just flew by. i was especially impressed with the talk by elder perry. becuase it is something i needed for my mission i need to keep getting better at my follow up and persistancy and who knows maybe someday i will get married. Also i dont know if you listened to m. Russel Ballard. becuase he gave an invitation to all of the members of the church to read predicad mi evangelio. ok. dad you can read predicad mi evangelio the rest of you read preach my gospel.;) especially you derek not getting caught up with unimportant things. will help you be an amazing missionary. and if you can know what is going on before your mission you will be the best missionary. it took me about 4 months in the field to feel comfortable teaching lessons and i feel like you could be ready faster if you read pmg. 

well im loving my mission love you guys too but i dont think i wanna come home for a while ;) you guys keep moving forward and have a good week i love you all more than you could ever know!

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